The Vancouver Interior Paranormal Society EST. 1993 . Serving the Lower Mainland, BC, Canada. A proud TAPS family member.


"Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence." - Carl Sagan

Members of the Vancouver Interior Paranormal Society are, for the most part, people with a huge desire to understand what is going on out "there". They are driven to try and get to the root of these strange matters and with a toolbox built from past investigations, civilian work, and personal expertise; no job is too big or too small.

Our members come from all walks of life and multiple belief systems. Some of us are avid believers in a possible afterlife, while others tend to question it all. We are young and "young at heart," male and female, straight, gay, and most of the colours in the rainbow. As diverse as our roots might be, we are united in our hope that perhaps we might be able to understand a little more than we do now. Together we hope to bring you our best and to share with you the experience we have.

An important note to our visitors and potential clients...Please be wary of any "ghost hunters" who claim to be experts, guarantee ghost or spirit removal, or who make you uncomfortable in any way during the pre-investigation assessment or investigation. If you are uncertain, ask for references, ask for identification, and ask questions. There is no absolute way to clear a spirit or stop a haunting. There are, however, ways to protect yourself.

At VIPS, we will always be willing to identify ourselves and we will never ask for money or gratuities. We are a registered non-profit society and we believe in providing the utmost service and confidentiality to our clients.

The need for paranormal research is not only legitimate, it's absolute. It was thought that the coelacanth had been extinct for 65 million years. Modern scientists had written them off as a done deal until one was pulled out of the South African waters in 1938. We didn't know about bacteria and germs until they became visible under the newly-invented microscope. When we look at science in general, it really does fall into the category of "paranormal research." Scientists are exploring matters not completely understood by us. Forget about words like "supernatural" and "magical." We are mucking about in the dark trying to find answers to the unknown and in this, we are scientists.

"When you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

- Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

SOCIETY RULES: Vancouver Interior Paranormal Society - Society Rules

PETER RENN - President of both the Lower Mainland & BC Interior teams

Background: 17 years of mechanical/electrical/construction experience, which helps the team find possible explanations for natural occurrences in dwellings. 17 years of Investigating all over the world, including the United Kingdom.

Why You Joined VIPS: I joined to primarily help people and to get a better understanding about the paranormal.

Favourite "Haunted" Place: Leeds Castle (England, UK)

What You Bring to the Team: Leadership skills, an investigative approach, a cool head and a hell of a lot of equipment!

What Inspires You: Helping people and continually educating my self and my team.

Peter Fact: Likes to experiment with new devices.

Peter Renn is a Director with the TAPS family. For more information on TAPS, please visit our friends here.


Vancouver Paranormal Society 
Vice President, Case Manager, Media Relations & Lead Investigator


Background: I am a Vocational Counselor/Employment Skills Facilitator for a Non Profit Community Living Association for Persons with Diverse Abilities.

Why You Joined VIPS: It all started one summer in '72 when all the neighborhood kids went exploring the nearby "Sugar Shacks" in North Burnaby, BC. That evening I experienced my first and frightening apparition. Needless to say I have had many experiences since (not so frightening but amazing!). This led me to question what was happening concurrently in a possible different realm, my curiosity forever feverishly peaked to find that answer to the question...what really happens to us when we leave our bodies...

Favourite Haunted Place: I'm sorry but I cannot share this for confidentiality reasons, but I will say this...my most prolific visual and physical experience was while on investigation with the VPS team last fall. I will NEVER forget this! Exhilarating to say the least as well as confirmation of the paranormal in my mind!!!!

What You Bring to the Team: I bring a very high regard of statesmanship (teamplayer), respect for the science/spiritual open mindedness of the possibility of paranormal and a passion that keeps my drive alive to pursue answers for the clients that seek the support of VIPS for those answers.

What Inspires You: I am inspired by "We" that see beyond the limits and boundaries of what we see in front of us...but instead see what is within us. Whether it be within the diverse abilities in my work and/or the paranormal community! Go Team ..which ever team you work with!


Vancouver Paranormal Society  
Lead Investigator & Blogger

Background: When I was 4 years old I had my first paranormal experience. I didn't know what a ghost or a spirit was at the time, but I certainly had an encounter that fascinated and confused me more than it scared me. I still can't make sense of it to this day. However throughout my life I have lost count on how many more paranormal experiences I have encountered living in what I would call "Haunted Houses", or having worked in "Haunted" buildings. But my fascination into the paranormal kept growing, and as soon as I realized that paranormal investigating was an actual hobby, I purchased investigation equipment, started researching paranormal theories and began my MANY years of investigating residential homes, local businesses, all while traveling internationally to investigate on my own, or to join paranormal tours. I then wanted to join a local home team to continue on my quest for answers, and talk theories with like minded individuals, and I found the Vancouver Paranormal Society team. 

Why You Joined VIPS: My years of paranormal research and investigating spiritual activity has given me gratification in helping people validate or debunk paranormal claims. But I wanted to join a team of respectful, dedicated, and like minded investigators who not only enjoy helping clients, but are passionate about the paranormal. Being able to share experiences and discuss paranormal theory will only help further my own research.

Favourite Haunted Place:    Hampton Court Palace in England

What You Bring to the Team: As an investigator I bring honesty, skepticism, empathy, and a respect for a client’s personal space and beliefs. As a team mate I bring passion and dedication in order to help run the society professionally and efficiently.

What Inspires You: What inspires me is the fact that the spiritual topic is so vast, and my theories are constantly changing or being validated with every personal paranormal experience.

Aimee Jane Fact: Ask me to speak to spirits in a pitch black room no problem. Ask me to sleep in a dark room… No way!


Vancouver Paranormal Society 
Director, Lead Investigator & Blogger

Background:  Paranormal Background: Having my first personal experience at the age of 7 yrs (I saw what looked like a white mist in human form) seem to glide through the grave yard, that our house backed onto. It was described as a child's imagination back then. Through more personal experience and the Clair-sentience & Cognizant gifts I have learned that I possess, has made me a true believer of the Paranormal. 

Why You Joined VIPS:  To connect with like minded members who have the passion & respect to prove and sometimes disprove Paranormal activity.

Favourite "Haunted" Place:  By far its Hampton Court Palace in England. First and only time I was ever "touched" by a Spirit. She (according to workers it could have been the nursemaid who haunts the ladies washroom I was in at the time) grabbed my left shoulder as I was drying my hands !! I was the only one in the washroom!

What You Bring to the Team:  I have always been a team player and although I am a true believer, I come with an open mind offering respect, honesty and the utmost regard for our confidentiality rules. I keep a good secret!

What Inspires You:  To see the dedication & respect of my other team investigators.

Karen Fact:  Married to Gord (another team investigative member) together we have a beautiful daughter whose married to a guy we are please to call our son in law and together they have given us two beautiful grandsons who are our pride and joy. Worked as a Resident Care Aide for  over 15 yrs until a back injury forced me into early retirement.


Vancouver Paranormal Society 
Director & Lead Investigator

Background: Have had an interest in the "unexplained" for long time. I have had no personal experiences myself but being married to a "sensitive" has widened my interests greatly.

Why You Joined VIPS:  I joined VIPS for curiosity & interest. I come in as an open minded skeptic.

Favourite "Haunted" Place:  I can't say that I have a favorite haunted place. Looking forward to many experiences with VIPS though!

What You Bring to the Team: I am an open minded skeptic and a team player.

What Inspires You:  Seeing my wife, Karen (who is also an investigator and a sensitive) her passion for the paranormal and now meeting others like her, intrigues and inspires me to learn more.

Gord Fact:  Karaoke Party?...I am there !! Loves  being a "papa" to our two grandsons!!


Vancouver Paranormal Society 
Director, Lead Investigator, Social Media Manager, Team Photographer, & Blogger


Background: I've worked in the retail industry for over 22 years & called Surrey, BC my home since 1986. 

Why You Joined VIPS: I have always had an interest in the paranormal since I was young. I can't pin down one defining moment that sparked my interest, but it's something that I have always been curious about. I have had many personal experiences that I can't explain. It's because of those experiences that I decided to join the Vancouver Paranormal Society in an effort to hopefully find answers as to what they were, why they happened and who or what caused them. I know I'm not alone in this quest, and I hope that I can help others find those same answers. 

Favourite "Haunted" Place:  Since joining VPS, I've grown fond of some very cool and historic locations. One location in particular in the BC Interior has quickly become my most favourite to visit. 

What You Bring to the Team: An open mind to all possibilities. I enjoy trying to find a logical explanation as to why certain things appear to be happening before concluding that it's paranormal. I do believe in the paranormal though so it's fun having that balance. I also love to have fun and laugh (who doesn't really?). 

What Inspires You:  Finding answers to who, what, why, when and how. There is also almost always a history that's waiting to be uncovered and a story to be told. 

Mike Fact: I love tattoos, the 80's, Deloreans, Photography and most importantly spending time with my friends & family.

Vancouver Paranormal Society 
Lead Investigator & Blogger

Why You Joined VIPS: I've always had an interest in the paranormal ever since I was a little kid and listened to the stories my parents told me of various houses we lived in, an a home in particular that my aunt lived. I found the concept of a spirit lingering on after death fascinating and yet also terrifying. The stories became my reality when I had my first paranormal experience in my elementary school when I was 10 years old. I consider myself to be an on-the-fence kind of skeptic despite my experiences. So I am chasing the idea of something more concrete, and what way better to do that than to be a paranormal investigator with VPS!

What You Bring to the Team: Being one of the youngest investigators on the VPS team, I like to think I bring a fresh perspective to the team in terms of debunking certain phenomena. With my generations flair for technology, I'm the first to jump to the idea that it's some sort of electrical device or interference. While I identify as being an empath, I think most people can sense if something is "off" about a particular room or building. But I hope that my abilities can be of use to the team. I am also highly organized and great at multitasking.

What Inspires You: Better yet, what doesn't inspire me? I find inspiration in just about everything. It's kind of my motto really. "Everything is beautiful, even the tiniest thing can brighten my day" and I actively seek it out. In terms of the paranormal, it would be history. I love old things, especially buildings. I'm fascinated by the history that old buildings have. What secrets do the walls hold? What events have they witnessed? And what were the previous owners like? I also love psychology and the different tricks the mind plays when put into various situations. Hence why I appreciate VPS's policies when it comes to investigations.

Anastasia Fact: I have a ridiculously extensive and ever growing incense collection.


Vancouver Paranormal Society


Background: Vancouver born and raised. Currently working in the medical field. No previous paranormal investigative experience.

Why You Joined VIPS: I've always had interest in the paranormal even as a skeptic/nonbeliever. I want to find out more about the experiences people have. I also feel that there is some good to be done in helping those people who may be trying to figure out what's really going on.

What You Bring to the Team: A critical eye and a more skeptic point of view as well as lots of curiosity and willingness to wander around in the dark!

What Inspires You:  Reading about and discovering all the new ways some phenomena has been explained as being. All the complex human psychology that goes along with it.

Selene Fact: I've always had lots of pets! I don't think I could live without at least a cat or a dog around.


Vancouver Paranormal Society


I am a counselling therapist in private practice, and also have a part time position as a legal services coordinator. I am passionate working in the helping profession.

Why You Joined VIPS:
I have had a lifelong interest in the paranormal.... going back to as long as I can remember. This, coupled with some of my own personal paranormal experiences, has lead me to want to investigate the paranormal, and to help others.

Favourite "Haunted" Place:
My favourite haunted place is Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC. Although I personally haven’t witnessed paranormal activity at this location, I hope to one day!

What You Bring to the Team:
I strive to bring a nonjudgmental, respectful and caring approach to all investigations, team & society activities.

What Inspires You:
Thought of the afterlife.

Roni Fact:
I grew up with a love for fly fishing.



Vancouver Paranormal Society



Born and raised in England, relocating to BC 8 years ago for a change of pace. Background in psychiatry and the medical field. 

Why You Joined VPS:

I've always been fascinated with anything paranormal, I want to explore what is "out there" to help me try and understand the world better. By doing this with a group of people with the same interests and thirst for knowledge and understanding.

Favorite "Haunted" Place:

Warwick Castle, near my home town in the UK

What You Bring To The Team:

Passion, drive, organization and respect for others thoughts and opinions. 

What Inspires You:

I try to draw inspiration from those around me, from the life surrounding us, trying to do my best.

Louise Fact 

I'm a certified Yoga Instructor


Vancouver Paranormal Society



I have always had an interest in the paranormal as I have had many personal experiences throughout my life.


Why You Joined VPS:

I joined because I wanted to further explore the paranormal with the different perspectives of the team. It is so much more enjoyable to investigate with an amazing team than on your own.


Favorite "Haunted" Place:

I have had many paranormal experiences in Victoria BC, more specifically at the Helmcken House where I had multiple experiences.


What You Bring To The Team:

 I bring a very open mind and a very calm energy. I enjoy taking in the whole experience and learning off of my team mates.


What Inspires You:

The unknown itself is very inspiring to me.


Mellissa Fact:

 I have a very rare birthday being born on Feb 29th :-)


CODY - Canine Investigator
Although Peter would tend to disagree, the rest of us think Cody's love of Chelsea FC is somewhat convenient.

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Established in 1993, the Vancouver Paranormal Society (now the Vancouver Interior Paranormal Society) has worked with private resident owners, businesses and governments in the pursuit of understanding the paranormal. We're a member of the TAPS Family (you might know of TAPS through the television shows Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International and Ghost Hunters Academy) and were are COMPLETELY volunteer run and operated. We tend to investigate weekly and while we are at times limited by our day jobs, we are available to respond to your queries quickly should the need arise.

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