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January 14th, 2018

What happens when the Vancouver Paranormal Society team has an investigation get cancelled? Well, in most cases, the team will take that opportunity to catch up on any evidence that hasn't been reviewed yet or listen to EVP clips from other investigators on the team. But this past Saturday was a little bit different. Instead of reviewing evidence, the team of Kelly, Aimee, Louise and myself all sat down with an individual in Coquitlam, British Columbia Canada who asked us to help him with some research of his own. The Vancouver and Interior Paranormal Societies are always working behind the scenes to support paranormal research and stay current with new ideas and concepts. We are research based teams and as such like to try out new methods in hopes that we can use them to communicate with the spirit realm. You never know what may just work and it's definitely fun to try out new innovative ideas.

~ Mike


January 7, 2018

Happy Paranormal New Year!
On Saturday January 6th, Vancouver Paranormal Society had their first investigation of 2018.
The investigative team of the evening met up at one of New Westminster's (a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia) historic buildings.
Upon arriving, the team was given a tour of the said building. We were told of the possible paranormal "hotspots".
We paid particular attention to these area's of unexplained activity, as well as the rest of the location.
Patrons and employers of this old building have had personal experiences of unexplained events. From hearing disembodied voices to seeing full body apparitions to unexplained sounds.
The team, with two of the employers of this historic building, built in 1909, began the investigation by splitting into two smaller groups. The equipment used on this evening consisted of Audio recorders, Camera's, EMF and temperature gauges. Not forgetting trigger objects, flashlights and note paper.
Vancouver Paranormal Society as well as our sister team Interior Paranormal Society are here to help those understand unexplained events happening in clients homes, workplace and historic locations. We take a scientific approach to all unexplained claims. The investigation went well and many EVP questions were asked by the team and the clients.
Now the team will review all evidence and submit to our clients any possible paranormal evidence found.



January 1st, 2018

LET'S TOAST WITH THE GHOSTS!!!! The Vancouver Paranormal Society in British Columbia Canada wishes you and your loved ones a very happy New Year. May you all be blessed and find pure happiness in 2018.


December 25th, 2017

If you or someone you know has a New Years resolution to get out and try new things then you are in luck. Starting in January the VPS team will be looking for more brand new investigators to join the Vancouver Paranormal Society team. We have a very EXCITING year coming up with new projects and investigation locations. Some places the VPS team has been dreaming about for years. We investigate anywhere from Vancouver all the way up into the Interior. We are busy busy busy!!!! Get your applications into Vancouver Paranormal Societies Vice President Kelly Berge (Only one application per person) and you can find team requirements here on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.


December 25th, 2017

*Holds up a bottle of liquid spirits* MERRY CHRISTMAS from the Vancouver and Interior Paranormal Society. We hope that you and your loved ones have the happiest holiday.


December 15th, 2017

For the next two weeks the Vancouver Paranormal Society is taking some time off to spend with their families over the Christmas holidays. No investigations will be had until after Christmas is over, but we do have some planned for locations in the Lower Mainland before the year is up. We will keep you updated about those invests as the time comes.

~ Aimee


December 9th, 2017

PAAARTY!!! Again no investigation this weekend although the team did enjoy some spirits from a bottle while playing some cheesy games, eating some amazing food, listening to Christmas music, having a secret Santa gift exchange and even having Santa himself come in and join all the fun. Thank you to our lead investigators Karen and Gord for hosting the party at their home in Langley, British Columbia.

~ Aimee


December 1st, 2017

BOO!!! No investigations this weekend. We got sicky Vancouver Paranormal Society investigators. We were scheduled this weekend to have an investigation in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia but when an investigator is sick they don't attend investigations. Not only do we not want to get our clients sick, but drippy sniffling noses, and coughing just leads to contaminated audio. Best to stay home and get some well needed rest before the Vancouver Paranormal Society Christmas party next week.

~ Aimee


November 24th, 2017

What would you say if you got a phone call from a phone number that's not only no longer in service, but you heard a voice on the other end only to find out that the telephone that called you wasn't even connected to a wire? That's about all we can say from this weekends investigation. We are still a bit tongue tied after all the personal experiences we had at our undisclosed location in Vancouver, British Columbia. This weekends location is filled with some very heavy history of wellness and some sadness but comes with the longest list of interesting paranormal claims. We are very excited to know that we are going to be returning to this place in the near future.

~ Aimee


November 18th, 2017

This weekend the Vancouver Paranormal Society is in Chilliwack for a full team residential investigation. We had so much space to cover that we had the client and her family stay for extra bodies. On arrival they greeted us into their beautiful old home and then fed the team all they could eat pizza and Tim Horton's Tim Bits (or Team Bits) the VPS team would say as that is our team nickname. We had a very eventful investigation with many personal experiences, some which were even captured by photographs. We can't thank our clients enough for such a great hospitable evening.

~ Aimee

November 12th, 2017

Everyone in the Vancouver Paranormal Society looks forward to and enjoys attending the paranormal investigations we schedule across the lower mainland. It's an exciting part of the job! But sometimes our own lives and schedules get in the way or we get sick and we aren't able to attend investigations for a while. We aren't off the hook for work though!

After an investigation, all investigators must go through their own evidence; first to look for EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) in recordings, or anomalies in photos or videos. This is a very time consuming process as you need to look over each photo or video carefully or re-listen to a sound clip several times to confirm what you think you heard (with hours worth of recorded material it can easily double or triple the time to listen through and find things). Anything of interest is picked out and clipped into smaller manageable lengths. We then take all our found evidence and share it with the rest of the group for peer review. All team members must review all the evidence put forth from all investigations whether they were present for it or not. We also have strict deadlines for when this needs to be done.

I had missed out on the Vancouver Paranormal Society and Interior Paranormal Society team up investigation that took place recently (major bummer since there was lots of cool stuff that went on!) - this made it a larger group than usual so now I have a ton of evidence to go through! It’s a labour of love though and at least in this way I’m able to be in on the experience even though I wasn’t able to make it to the investigation in person.

~ Selene


November 7th, 2017

On the first Friday of this cold November Aimee, Kelly and I investigated a residential property in the Lower Mainland. It was my first time meeting Aimee and my second time investigating with Kelly so I was really excited to be able to do an investigation with them.

The client explained to us what she and her children had been experiencing. The Vancouver Paranormal Society team had investigated her previous residence and had documented a lot of activity so we were very interested to see if this was new activity or perhaps something that had “followed” her to her new home. We conducted three EVP sessions in different parts of the house. All three of us had our digital voice recorders and we had a rem pod that we set up with each location we investigated.

Pretty quickly into our first EVP session in the upstairs living room we had some rem pod activity. We all asked a variety of questions. We got a few more “pings” on the pod but then the activity started to quiet down. We moved to one of the children’s bedrooms, who had been experiencing a lot of unexplained activity. We were able to get a couple of "pings" on the rem pod and a couple of us had some personal experiences. It got a little intense for a few minutes and then things calmed down. We moved to the final room in the house…..the basement! The basement was ironically very cozy and comforting. We decided to leave the rem pod upstairs to perhaps see if spirit was listening to us from above and did not want to come downstairs with us. Sure enough about halfway through the EVP session we got a couple "pings" upstairs! We even caught what we thought were some footsteps coming into the room. After a little while longer things had quieted down a bit and we felt it was time to end the final session. We thanked our spirit friends for allowing us to attempt communication and went on our merry way.

It will be really interesting to see if we caught any evp’s as we all felt that we had some definite experiences. Perhaps we will be back for round two!!

~ Melissa


October 31st, 2017

Paranormal Road Trip!!

It’s not often that both the Vancouver Paranormal Society and the Interior Paranormal Society get to team up for a huge investigation, but when it happens, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be memorable. After driving up the Coquihalla Highway A.K.A The “Highway through Hell” on a beautiful fall day, the teams met up at the venue for the evening. We hashed out the teams getting a good mix of experienced investigators and newbies. There was lots of ground to cover and ground rules to set. While it’s a lot of fun investigating the paranormal, we have to keep it running smoothly. Then, there’s the matter of setting up the cameras onto tripods and placing them carefully in strategic locations. We’ve investigated here before, so we have a pretty good idea of where we need to focus our sights. After all of that, we set out into different directions; 3 teams in total comprised of 10 investigators.

After the first 45 minute EVP session, the teams reconvened at our “base camp” to discuss how things went and if anything of note occurred. Of course, these discussions are merely personal experiences as we have to review any evidence caught afterwards. The night was quiet to begin with, but we were not discouraged. We knew the evening was just getting started.

The teams went off again, this time for EVP session #2. The spirits were much more active now. We had REM Pod activity, temperature fluctuations and unexplainable sounds heard. That was more inline with what we’ve come to expect from this location.

The third, and final EVP session resulted with even more REM Pod activity, and a loud disembodied voice heard by many of the investigators on one particular team.

We wrapped up the investigation, put away all of the equipment and settled down for a short sleep. Did everyone get some sleep? No...but, to be fair, our adrenaline was running pretty high. We call it the “paranormal hangover”. Many investigators feel this after an activity filled evening. Our minds replay the events of the night over and over again, preventing ourselves from falling  asleep.

It was a fantastic pre-Halloween Investigation by both the Vancouver and Interior teams. British Columbia has a tremendous amount of history, and we are honoured to have had the privilege to investigate one special piece of that history in the interior. Maybe, one day down the road, we’ll get to trek back and visit with the spirits there one more time.

~ Mike


October 24th, 2017

I’M BAAAAACK!!!! After an almost 6 month break I am back with the Vancouver Paranormal Society team, and on cloud nine. I have really missed my team and what we are all about. I may not be returning as a Co Vice President by choice, but I am certainly coming back as a proud lead investigator.

This weekend I was assigned a residential investigation with lead investigator Anastasia out in the city of bustling Vancouver British Columbia. This was our team’s second investigation at this location, and so Anastasia had some evidence that she wanted to present to the clients once we got to the clients home. 

It was a beautiful drive into the city with the lights of Science World all a glow, and all the city lights on the water, and if that weren't pleasing enough, when we arrived at our destination we were met by our wonderful clients and Paul Kingsbury, a Simon Fraser University professor who is studying paranormal investigators. Paul has become such a great friend to the Vancouver Paranormal Society team over the last few years as he continually works with us. We invited him out again to participate in another investigation to interview the clients and to observe our investigation styles, equipment and techniques.


As soon as we arrived we quickly got to work. Anastasia sat down with the clients and presented them with numerous pieces of evidence the Vancouver Paranormal Society captured on a previous investigation, while Paul observed and took notes, and I kept busy setting up all the necessary equipment and trigger objects needed for that night’s investigation. 

The investigation was a success. It seemed pretty quiet for the most part, but as always we just never know what we will find until we do evidence review. Sometimes when it’s quiet we pull out some incredible EVPS (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and some photo or video evidence. Our clients have a strong curiosity in the paranormal and jumped right into the investigation with us. They had some great theories and incites to share with us, and by having the clients speak to spirit in different languages and offering them some crackers and cheese, who knows who came to visit?  ~ Aimee


October 15th, 2017

On Friday the 13, Vancouver Paranormal Society held our annual public reveal at the Historic Stewart Farm in Surrey, British Columbia. We had a fantastic turnout and it was great being able to show what VPS is all about while having the opportunity to mingle with all the fantastic guests.  Karen and I did a wonderful job of presenting while newcomer Lou rocked our Facebook live stream and Mike showed some of his tech knowledge in explaining how some of the team’s paranormal equipment works. Vancouver Paranormal Society would like to thank all our guests who came out to Stewart Farm and to stay tuned for more investigations as the autumn season continues.

If any of our followers find themselves in the BC Interior, our sister team is having their own public reveal at Baillie House in Merritt on October 21st. Please see poster below and email for tickets.  ~ Anastasia


October 9th, 2017

The Vancouver team’s first investigation for October was a residential case. This was actually our 2nd time at this particular home. This time around though, we changed up the team a little. Investigator Selene made a return, but myself and Louise were new to this location. On the first investigation Selene caught no evidence herself, but was looking forward to returning and helping the client find some answers.

Our night started off with us providing the client with some EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) clips that the team captured on the first investigation. After that, the home was turned over to us and we got things started.

We conducted 3 separate EVP sessions in different locations throughout the home where we were told that some strange things had been happening. We were using all kinds of paranormal equipment in an effort to establish any sort of communication. Voice recorders, rem-pods, mel-meters and our trusty little K2. But, the night was very quiet for us. Calming almost. That is until close to midnight.

Right near the stroke of twelve, one of our rem-pods lit up! Essentially, a rem-pod will detect a change in the electromagnetic field surrounding it and most importantly, the antenna on top of it. Out of respect I thanked the spirits for doing that and asked them to back away...which they did, as the rem-pod stopped chirping. Out of curiosity and to confirm it was not a malfunction, I asked for them to approach the rem-pod once again. Sure enough, the rem-pod lit up! Again, I thanked them for cooperating with my request and the chirping stopped again. Unfortunately, that was the extent of our experiences for the evening. We continued on for a while longer but it seemed to us that the spirits were just as tired as we were. We packed up and the client came back home.

Now, we are ready to dig into our audio files saved to our digital voice recorders. The Vancouver Paranormal Society is always on the case for those that need our help. I’m looking forward to seeing if the spirits left any voice messages for us to pass along to the client too. We’ll find out soon enough. Until next time...

~ Mike


October 1st, 2017

As the calendar flipped over to October, VPS held a team meeting to introduce some new “team bits”, to go over protocols that ensure the team is running smoothly and to discuss the details of our upcoming public reveal at the Historic Stewart Farm in Surrey, British Columbia.

The Vancouver Paranormal Society team has had 4 new investigators join the team in the past few months which brings the team to a full regiment once again! We are proud to welcome Louise, Roni & Melissa to the VPS family!

And, as I noted above, the Vancouver Paranormal Society is gearing up for our upcoming public reveal at the Historic Stewart Farm in Surrey, BC. On Friday, October 13th (yes, Friday the 13th!) The team will be presenting evidence gathered throughout this past year from investigations at not only Stewart Farm, but around the Lower Mainland as well. We may even add in some tidbits from investigations we took part in with our sister team, the Interior Paranormal Society. We will present EVPs, photos and tell stories of our experiences at numerous investigations. We will also have our paranormal equipment on display for those that are curious about what we use and how it works. And, of course, we will be happy to answer any and all questions. The event is officially sold out at this time, but for those not attending, please check our Facebook page for photos & possibly video from the event.

~ Mike


September 26th, 2017

This past Friday, The  Vancouver Paranormal Society, once again investigated the Historic Stewart Farm in South Surrey. This location is very dear to our Paranormal hearts. We as an investigative paranormal team arrive and set up our equipment (camera's, audio, video, Infrared camera's, black lights, laser grids) all in hopes of capturing that ghostly voice or full body apparition. Stewart Farm never ceases to deliver. The spirits of the land are happy to speak with us.  We, as a team have captured quite a few EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena), shadow's and ghostly photo's that we have been unable to explain. On Friday, October 13th VPS will be holding a public reveal of our ghostly encounters at this historic location.

~ Karen


September 18th, 2017

There’s an interesting concept that was brought up at my most recent investigation. If a spirit knows paranormal investigators are coming, do they sometimes hide? The client of our recent invest was surprised at the lack of activity in what is usually the more active area. My fellow investigator Mike asked the client if they had told the spirit beforehand that we were coming and they said they had. They didn’t want the spirit to think we were coming to make them go away. This idea that a spirit can hide itself and not let itself be known is interesting in that it could explain why some investigations are quiet when we’ve heard some frequent claims. I believe it also suggests a level of intelligence, and that the spirit in question, is not residual. This then made me wonder, do spirits feel anxious or nervous when they’re told someone is going to communicate with them. Is it like with some pets or small children where they are nervous and take some time to warm up to new people. Is there a way to relax spirits and make them feel more at ease? Or does it take a couple of visits to make them feel more comfortable before they warm up and begin communicating?

~ Anastasia 


September 10th, 2017

Last weekend the Vancouver Paranormal Society teamed up with our sister team, the Interior Paranormal Society for an on-going investigation at one historical site that's close to our hearts in the Lower Mainland. We broke into teams of two. We headed off into different directions for our 40 minutes of investigation and EVP sessions before we switched. I was with Interior Paranormal Society investigator, Kay (lots of fun when we get together keeping our professional investigative attitudes in check). Off we went to our second area of the building. We always seem to have personal experiences in this certain area. Kay was the chosen one on this night. Having a personal experience means anything from hearing a live EVP  to being touched.  We got both on this night..well at least Kay did. But we both heard loud and clear a deep inhale breath. "Was that you?" she asked. "No" I replied. Wow that was loud ! How exciting. The night ended with both of us looking forward to reviewing our audio...wondering what else we caught on our Investigative Ghost Hunt !!!

~ Karen 


September 9th, 2017

The last paranormal investigation that I attended as part of the Vancouver Paranormal Society was for concerns at a residential home. As a new member and one of the skeptics/nonbelievers on the team this was exactly the kind of investigation that I had joined up to do. I'm looking for reasonable explanations for the experiences that people are having and are questioning as paranormal or hauntings.

Ideally, I want to help a client feel more at ease in their home or workplace, etc. Of course, we are also looking to find or debunk any evidence of spirits with digital documentation in the form of electronic voice recordings, photos, and video. The other investigators on the team are also using other varied equipment and sensors to help alert us to and document environmental changes as well.

Honestly, it's difficult to go into a building or area that you have never been in before and try to recognize random noises going on. Having the client there helps immensely. At the last investigation there were small, caged pets that were behaving strangely but it would have been impossible for the team to tell with no prior interaction with them. We could hear them moving around in a much more aggravated manner than they were in when we first entered the room though. The client confirmed that it was unusual for the pets to behave this way. None of us were standing at the cages as the animals continued to jump and sort of "thrash" around during an EVP session. They settled down eventually and were very quiet for the rest of the night, even during a second EVP session in the same room. People say animals are more attuned to being able to see or feel spirits so perhaps there was someone else in the room with us, trying to pick up one of the pets!

I'm not sure myself but I did find their thrashing around to be strange and something that has stuck in my mind since then. I'd like to go back and have the Vancouver Paranormal Society do another investigation at this location.

~ Selene


September 5th, 2017

Recently the Vancouver Paranormal Society team and I got to visit one of our favourite locations for an investigation.  I say favourite because we have had some exceptional EVPs and photos from this location on previous occasions. On this particular evening, Kelly (Vancouver Paranormal Society Vice President) and I had just arrived and were waiting for fellow VPS investigator Anastasia to arrive.  As we were waiting near the front door to the building, we both heard what sounded like  Anastasia walking up the front steps, so we went to greet her at the door. To our surprise, there was nobody there! The footsteps were so clear and loud though, so who could it have been?  We tried re-creating the same sound we heard, but the only thing that sounded the same was to either walk up the front steps ourselves, or to take some steps inside ourselves. But, the thing is, when we heard the sound of the footsteps, we were standing completely still! Could this have been a resident spirit at this location? It certainly caught our attention and was a good conversation starter for our EVP sessions to take place throughout the evening.  We asked who it was that we heard and if they could do it again for us in different parts of the building and another building also on the property. Unfortunately, the sound was not made again.  That had me wondering how much energy a spirit must require in order for them to speak, make a sound or even move something. For us, that task seems so simple, but for a spirit or ghost, that must take an incredible amount of effort to do so. Perhaps that is why we don’t see or hear them all the time? Maybe they will only do that when they want to be seen or heard? Was this spirit trying to get our attention about something? These are all questions that come up after something like that happens and leads to a very fun EVP session. Because, if we get a response on our digital voice recorders or even hear one without the aids of a voice recorder, and it has to do with the sounds we heard at the time, then it gives us further validation and proof of an existence after we pass on.  This particular evening does not appear to have given us very many answers, but a whole lot of questions. So, we will continue to visit this location and others in our quest to find those answers we seek.  ~ Mike


August 28th, 2017

Earlier this month I attended the Abbotsford Airshow here in BC. As I was walking around taking photos of the different aircraft on static display, a thought entered my mind. Most of the aircraft on display were many years old and were now owned by people that were not the original owners.  Much like a used car, these planes were second hand property. That got me thinking about the original owners and pilots of these planes. I am sure that some have since passed on, but do they still have a connection to that airplane? Ask any pilot and they will tell you that they are far happier soaring above the clouds than being stuck down on the ground. That is their “happy place”. So, in theory, why wouldn’t their spirit/energy become attached to what makes them happy?

I have read stories of how flight crews on airliners have seen unexplained things while up in the air. From phantom passengers seated in the cabin, to ghosts of deceased pilots entering the cockpit, there is no shortage of fascinating tales. 

One story that sticks out to me is a report of some airliners that had replacement parts on them that were used from another airliner of the same type that had crashed a few years before. The different flight crews reported seeing apparitions of the pilots from that fated flight on multiple occasions. If you do a Google search of the story of Eastern Airlines flight 401, you can read a little more into the reports made by flight crews on the different airliners. 

As a passenger on one of these planes, unless the apparition had no legs or looked like a ghost, I doubt we would know that they were not just another passenger or a member of the crew. But, these flight crews are a pretty tight knit community and know each other as they often work together on multiple occasions. 

I can see how and why someone that made their living up in the air would want to stay connected to the planes once they pass on. The thought of always being up above the world and with those that are still piloting the planes today would be a great place to be. Is there a heaven? That’s a discussion for another day, but being a ghost/spirit on a plane soaring up in the clouds every day would be about as close as you could get I would think. ~ Mike


August 21st, 2017

As a paranormal investigator, you get excited when visiting a location and there’s a certain energy about the place. You’re eager to begin and you feel confident that you’ll capture a Class A EVP. As the night goes on, you feel the energy start to disappear and you wonder if there’s any spirits at the location. I personally feel it is those moments that you have to keep hope. Sometimes you end up getting phenomenal evidence from a seemingly quiet location.  One of my best EVP’s I’ve caught was from a location that I felt no energy from and it is usually quiet. So just because a place doesn’t seem paranormal, doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone listening.

~ Anastasia


August 13th, 2017

Theory is that one can imprint their energy into an object such as jewellery or a household trinket. However, through the centuries many have come to believe that mirrors hold a person’s energy as well. I recently came across a study by Russian cyberneticist Vitaly Pravdivtsev that fascinated me. He studied the mysterious characteristics of mirrors and came to a conclusion that we put our energy into mirror reflections.

On one hand, mirrors are material, and on the other hand they are phantom, an intangible reflection. The history provides much evidence of mysterious phenomena connected with the mirror. Vitaly puts forward three hypotheses of the mirror. First, mirrors are the instrument that brings people into a modified state of conscience. Second, a mirror is an optical device that helps see images of the subtle world. And third, a mirror is an instrument that helps other people see these images that get formed in the conscience of one human.

People say that mirrors can remember some events. Vitaly Pravdivtsev tells a story of a couple who furnished their apartment with antique items. Once they bought a very beautiful antique mirror from some old lady in St. Petersburg. They hung the mirror up in the bedroom, but soon after they started dreaming that they were burning and even woke up because of their own screams. Vitaly recommended to hang the mirror in some other room; after the mirror was taken out of the bedroom, the couple no longer saw terrible dreams. When they visited St. Petersburg next time, they once again met the old lady from whom they had bought the mirror. The woman told them that in the time of Leningrad blockade during WWII the mirror was hanging in the room where her brother got terribly burnt and died of sever burns.

So, Vitaly says that mirrors can remember emotions and feelings of people that they experienced in front of the mirror. The conscience interprets these, records its way and revives those images that resembles somebody’s personal experience. Like any other thing, mirrors are the reflections of their owner’s individuality.

Some scientists state that mental emanations of every human can arrange tiny particles of the universe into unique patterns, the imprint of our thoughts and emotions. Things that people use can retain the same imprint.

There are traditions in Russia to cover the mirrors in the room where a dead man stays. Some people say it’s done because the soul of a dead man may use the mirror to lure the living people into the other world. Others say that people’s lost souls and astral beings may get into the house if mirrors are not covered there when dead bodies remain in. This is said to be the reason of mental disorders with people living in the house. There is a legend saying that souls of dead people may get into mirrors and stay there like a trap. People who buy such mirrors may have serious problems. Mirrors with the souls of dead people inside are usually very cold; candles go out when brought to such mirrors. A good way to reduce souls trapped in mirrors is to smash mirrors into pieces.

Within 15 years, researchers from one of New York institutes studied the effect of mirrors upon humans with the help of an ultrasensitive magnetic-acoustic detector. As it turned out, people who spend too much time in front of mirrors and like to stare into their own eyes feel fatigued and experience worsening of memory. The experiments revealed that mirrors can accumulate people's energy and thus act as energy vampires. People lose their energy after three minutes of looking into the mirror. And the researchers also made a sensational statement: people who look into the mirror too often get older quicker. Bioenergetics explains this phenomenon with the fact that energy we emanate gets reflected with the mirror and then destroys our protective aura.

However, Vitaly Pravdivtsev says that mirrors can be made rejuvenating by making their transparent surface of crystal not ordinary glass. In this case, light becomes polarized after it gets through crystal. When it is reflected by the metal amalgam, it will get back through the crystal glass and becomes even thinner. The transparent layer before the amalgam must be made as a crystal pack of tiny polaroid’s of various materials and with optical axes arranged in different ways. As a complicated lens, this crystal layer may change reflected polarized light into a marvelous needle. The effect of the light needle upon humans may even entail regeneration of tissues. Just imagine,  half an hour in front of this mirror a day may help do away with wrinkles once and for all.

~ Aimee


August 8, 2017

We are currently accepting applications for new investigators to join the team! If you have a passion or curiosity in the paranormal, and have ever considered becoming a paranormal investigator, then we want to hear from you! Send your bio and reasons why you have an interest in the paranormal to VIPS president Peter Renn at 

(Please note, only one application per person and applicants must be at least 19 years of age and have a vehicle.)


July 30th, 2017

Do you have an interest in the paranormal? Have you ever wanted to see what it's like to be a paranormal investigator? Now is your chance!! On Sunday, August 13th the Vancouver Paranormal Society is proud to present a public investigation at the historic Camp Alexandra in Surrey, BC! The cost to attend this unique event is just $30, with all proceeds going directly back to Camp Alexandra. You will get the opportunity to see the equipment that the team uses, ask questions to any of the investigators and join in on multiple EVP sessions throughout the camp. 

We will also be hosting a public reveal of any evidence we may capture from this investigation and others in the fall .

Don't miss this opportunity to try your hand at being a paranormal investigator! In order to attend you will need to register on our Facebook group page here:  and send a message to VPS Vice President Kelly Claire Berge.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


July 27th, 2017

At VIPS, we’ve been talking recently about why we got into the paranormal; what drew us in and why we pursue things that go “bump” in the night (or day). I decided to share my story today and what got me into the paranormal.

It started with my parents, they would tell me stories of a house my aunt owned at one time and it piqued my curiosity. I began exploring folklore from around the world and pondering the mysteries of the afterlife. I then had my first experience and was hooked. I’ve had a few others since then and I’m always chasing the dragon of the experience I truly, cannot explain.

The stories of my aunt’s home started like this: She went to view a home that belonged to a widower who was selling because the house was too big for him. While my aunt was there she picked up a picture of the widower and his family, talked to him about it and put it back down. Due to the dust on the table where the photo was, you could tell it wasn’t put back in the proper place. My aunt looked around the house and when she went to say goodbye, she noticed the picture she had touched was moved back to its proper place. Now, the widower was sitting in an old creaky chair that made a noise every time he moved. As my aunt toured the house, she didn’t hear the chair creak. Now, that’s easy to dismiss, but there is more.

As my aunt discovered, the widower’s wife had passed away in the house. She had a heart attack while doing laundry and had fallen across the doorway into the hall. I was always told that my aunt had a hard time closing that door because it was like something was blocking the door from closing all the way. My aunt also woke up one night because she was cold and realized that the comforter on her bed was missing. She assumed her husband had taken it and went to pull it over herself, only to find out that the blanket was missing altogether. She got up and went looking for the blanket and found it folded neatly on the floor next to the crib that held her second oldest child.

With these occurrences and more happening in the house, my aunt came to the conclusion that the wife of the former owner must still be in the house and it got to the point that any time someone came over, they would greet the spirit by saying “Hello Mrs. N” My aunt and parents said that she was very friendly and didn’t do too much in the house, but you knew she was there. They did discover however, that Mrs. N wasn’t a fan of drinking or loud parties. They found this out when my aunt held a party and it went into the night, alcohol was consumed and suddenly, from inside the kitchen there was a loud crash. My aunt had ornate beer tankards on top of her fridge, and one by one they went flying off the fridge and broke on the floor. Their parties were more subdued after that.

Sadly, the house my aunt once owned is no more. The house had been demolished many years ago and sometimes we think about if Mrs. N is still there. My aunt worked for the funeral home that actually arranged the service for Mrs. N at the time when she passed. She discovered that Mrs. N’s obituary was missing. She wondered if that was what was keeping Mrs. N here, but she’s never found them, and now the house is gone. ~ Anastasia 


July 18th, 2017

Ghosts - Scientific Arguments

Ghosts are thought to be the energy, an apparition of a deceased person who resides in a place he or she once frequented, or the souls of spirits who can’t find eternal rest and wander the world in search of resolution.

For centuries the topic of ghosts has been highly debated around the world. People worldwide have claimed to have had their own ghostly encounters, while others try and disprove that ghosts actually do exist. To this day ghosts have never scientifically been proven to exist and I want to cover some topics which argue why ghosts can’t possibly actually exist in the physical world.

Does this mean because I am writing this blog that I don’t believe in spirits/ghosts? No definitely not. I’ve had far too many experiences and have seen things I still question. But from a scientific standpoint I want to talk about how science laws try and debunk many myths and prove that ghosts shouldn’t exist.

Walking Through Walls

Nobody has been able to prove ghosts don't exist, but science has proven that they can't act the way they do. For instance, their ability to walk through walls is a common talent of Hollywood ghosts. There's one problem here. Newton's laws of physics say that if a ghost can walk, it shouldn't be able to pass through walls, since a body at rest will remain so until it's subjected to an external force and for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction.

This is exactly the case with walking ghosts. If it walks, it must by applying a force to the ground it steps on and the ground must apply to the ghost an equal and opposite force, that pushes the body forward. This means that a ghost must be made of matter, and not energy.

Supposing it's made of energy could explain the fact that ghosts may pass through walls, but most certainly, they couldn't walk. And if a ghost could walk through walls, this means it could also pass through the floor. If a ghost were able to stay on the floor without passing through it, then it would have to apply a force to the floor, whose equal reaction should keep her on the floor. Pure energy couldn't do that, so either way, a ghost can do both things, stand or walk and pass through walls.

Chill Effect

Another ghost myth says that drops in temperature are associated when a ghost/spirit is present.

Again physics says it's not possible, or at least that ghosts can't be responsible for such a phenomenon.

In fact, when a warm object is placed next to a cold object, energy flows from the warm body to the cooler body, cooling the warm body. So if a ghost causes the air in a room to cool down, that means the original heat of the air must transfer onto a cooler body, which rapidly warms up.

It seems that when a ghost causes the temperature in a room to drop, the ghost itself warms up, so all ghosts should be hot. But if ghosts are made of pure energy, where did the warmth go? Energy doesn't just heat up, like matter.

Again, if ghosts were made of matter, they could absorb the thermal energy of the surrounding air, becoming hot themselves, but they won't be able to pass through walls, so they must enter and leave through a door or window.

A more likely explanation for the chilling effect would be a sudden draft, occurring in a room with a high window or a door with a gap, where the cool air from outside displaces warm air inside, creating a system of heat cycles and eddies. This creates a combination of air currents that may cause temperatures to drop up to 2?C, and the effect would be increased by the fact that humans are more sensitive to rapid changes in temperature even if the absolute change is small.


Another phenomenon associated with ghosts is the sound. Most ghosts in alleged sightings are not talking, but some of them are, even though this is not possible. Speech can be described as an act of producing voice through the use of the vocal folds and vocal apparatus to create a linguistic act designed to convey information.

Speech involves air, and air can't be manipulated into forming recognizable sounds by a ghost who's made of energy. So ghosts can't talk. Some of you would say that maybe the ghost is able to communicate through telepathy. That hasn't been proven so far, but supposing they posses this form of communication, why don't all them talk?

A possible explanation for the ghosts is in fact related to sounds. Frequencies lower than 20 hertz are called infrasound and are normally inaudible, but British scientists Richard Lord and Richard Wiseman have concluded that infrasound can cause humans to feel a "presence" in the room, or unexplained feelings of anxiety or dread.


The traditional perception of ghosts wearing clothing is considered illogical, given the supposed spiritual nature of ghosts, suggesting that the basis of what a ghost is said to look like and consist of is quite dependent on preconceptions made by society.


The last, and probably the most important with ghosts is that we shouldn't be able to see them. Why? Because the sight is the ability to interpret visible light information reaching the eyes, after it bounces off a surface.

How can light bounce off an inexistent surface, when ghosts are made of energy? Although the physical arguments presented above do not deny the existence of ghosts, I hope that they made you at least ask yourself some questions, before believing everything you see or hear in mainstream media. ~ Aimee


July 10th, 2017

One very important aspect of a paranormal investigation is being aware of all the sounds around you. There's usually the common sounds that we hear every day such as cars driving by or people talking. All of these sounds must be "tagged" as we investigate. The reason is simple; when we go to review our audio, and we think that we may have caught something of note, if we don't tag it at the time then it gets added to our evidence. On a recent investigation the team had to tag a client's pet gerbil. As you can imagine, the sounds it was making could (and do) sound strange. We had a laugh at the time as none of us have had to tag a gerbil before. That got me thinking about some of the more odd things we've had to tag while conducting an EVP session. I think the funniest one that comes to mind was a flock of Canada Geese flying by outside. They were honking away as they flew by. Of course that is a distinct sound, but needed to be tagged anyways. Then, there's the seemingly always noisy stomach of an investigator. It seems as though every time we try to sit quietly and listen intently, our stomachs have something to say. It can be quite comical depending on how hungry we are. But, keeping it fun and having a good laugh is also important. Which, leads me to bloopers. As with your favourite movies & TV shows, we have our fair share of them. And yes, we have saved them all, just as we have saved anything we suspect could be paranormal. Who knows, maybe the spirits get a kick out of seeing us make a fool of ourselves. My guess is they do. ~ Mike


July 5th, 2017

Paranormal Terms.

Since becoming a Paranormal Investigator I have learnt a few new words. The one term (word) that I had never heard of before was "Pareidolia"!

I thought what the heck does that mean! I looked it up. Definition and examples given by Wikipedia are as follows. 

Pareidolia (/pærᵻˈdoʊliə/ parr-i-DOH-lee-ə) is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus (an image or a sound) by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists. It goes on to give an example; Common examples are perceived images of animals, faces, or objects in cloud formations, the man in the moon, the moon rabbithidden messages within recorded music played in reverse or at higher- or lower-than-normal speeds, and hearing indistinct voices in random noise such as that produced by air conditioners or fan. 

So the little duck face I have in our bathroom cabinet is me interpreting it's a duck, but really it's just the wood grain.

We have numerous photos and videos that, we as Paranormal Investigators, have to go through after investigations. Sometimes one team member will see something the other's perceive as Pareidolia. Sometimes it's hard to accept, what we perceive as an interesting find,  other's do not.  We then go over other shots and realize, it's just a smudge on the window, the pattern in the wallpaper, or the whining of the fan, water through the pipes...the list goes on.

For an example of pareidolia from an investigation we conducted last year, please visit our YouTube channel (Vancouver Interior Paranormal Society)

~ Karen


July 1st, 2017

Happy Canada Day from all of us at the Vancouver Paranormal Society! 


June 26th, 2017

I once had the opportunity to speak with a professor that was writing a book on the paranormal and he was interviewing various people to get different perspectives on the subject. One topic that came up in our conversation was the idea that if certain people had abilities that made them sensitive to the paranormal, could the opposite be true as well? Just like there are people who can sense or even see spirits, could there be people who had the ability to never see spirits or even nullify spirits in their presence. I think about this sometimes when I’m out on an investigation and I find I’m not getting any activity while other investigators are. But if this isn’t true and there aren’t people who have an ability to nullify spirits, then do spirits pick favourites? Perhaps spirits are attracted to certain people in a room regardless if they’re sensitive or not, or they need a certain place to appear. I also wonder if there are certain levels of sensitivity that makes a person more susceptible to spirits or other paranormal phenomena. How does a person find this out rather than thinking that they made it all up? Some food for thought. ~  Anastasia


June 18th, 2017

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is the most common method used to gather data for paranormal investigations. EVPs are audio recordings which capture what is believed to be audio evidence of sounds or voices from beyond. Audio may consist of sounds, such as church bells, or voices, presumably from the dead, or even a dog barking.

When I started with VPS, I had to buy a digital voice recorder for EVPs. I admit I had my doubts that such a basic piece of equipment would be able to gather much evidence; however, I wasn’t ready to invest into an expensive recorder like the Zoom. So, off I went to Staples and picked up an Olympus WS-852, which was on sale for under $60. I am happy to share that despite it's cheap price, I have been able to gather some fascinating audio recordings. Others in VPS who also use similar recorders  have also had excellent results.

During an investigation, as long as we are at a location, all of us have our audio recording. We have learned from experience that it’s not uncommon for us to have EVPs even when we are not directly trying to communicate with the ‘spirts’. For example, we may be having a causal conversation between us, and later when audio is reviewed, we pick up on a voice or sound that we cannot explain. We spend the majority of our investigations asking specific questions to the ‘spirit’, hoping our audio picks up a response. Because of this, we always have hours of audio to carefully listen to after each investigation. You can imagine how much work has to go into reviewing hours upon hours of audio.

I can understand why many people think EVPs are not really from the other side. I think until one experiences it firsthand, it is understandable why they are skeptical. Unless you are there for the investigation, there’s so many unanswered questions about other possibilities. This is why we do our best to be critical of each other’s evidence when we are reviewing it. We always look for the most logical explanations first and most often can come up with an answer; however, there are times when we can’t, and that is when we determine it may be an EVP. 

~ Carla


June 12th, 2017

I’ve discovered that since becoming a paranormal investigator, finding clear cut evidence is a whole lot harder than I thought it would be. If you have watched any of the multitudes of paranormal investigation TV shows, they always seem to find something while out at a location. Of course, most of that is put on for entertainment value and I get that, but I went in thinking that there must be at least one solid shred of proof from each investigation. Boy was I wrong! Truth is, finding real, solid evidence is extremely rare. There are times when we get a voice or even multiple voices on our digital recorders. We analyze the heck out of each little voice we hear as we don’t want to give that to a client saying, “Here’s an EVP we caught!” unless we are certain that the voice captured was none of our team and it was nobody that we were aware of at the time. That still doesn’t mean that it is paranormal though. It is all subject to many levels of scrutiny from the team and the client.  How much investigating was done at the time the voice was heard? Did the team look around to make sure there was nobody else? Did someone not “tag” themselves as making a sound or noise at the time? When there is doubt, we throw it out. This also goes for visual evidence as well. Photos can be great evidence for a client, but there again lies so many questions. Who was there? Where were the light sources? Where was everyone standing? Was there a window open? There are so many questions that can and have to be asked before we can present any evidence to a client. Sometimes, albeit very rarely, there is no explanation for what we hear or see. And when that happens, we are not shy about that fact. The role of a paranormal investigator is to be as objective as possible. We need to look for all plausible explanations as to why we hear what we think we hear or see what we think we see. We can’t let our personal beliefs in the paranormal interfere in the job that we are doing as well. That is what makes a great paranormal investigator. That is what I personally strive for every time I pick up my case of equipment and head out the door. ~ Mike


June 4th, 2017

Can kids see ghosts?

Several years ago my cousin and her two year old son were staying at my house for the summer. I knew that there was some strange ghostly phenomenon going on in my home, but I chose not to tell my cousin to not scare her. Several days into their stay her two year old started babbling to thin air and talking to the “Fishy Man” or “Dead fishy man”. After doing history on the home we found out there was a man who once lived there who was a fisherman.

My cousin isn’t alone. There are numerous stories out there of children who have reported seeing spirits and communicating with them. Some have even inspired their older family members such as myself to track down the identities of people who lived long ago. In some cases, family members of the deceased have been found and they have confirmed that the details presented to the children were accurate. I find this incredibly fascinating.

Within the Western world, there are many who are uncomfortable with the idea of spirits or ghosts. Many Christians are uncomfortable with the idea and are convinced spirits and ghosts are of the devil. The Eastern world tends to disagree, making communication with deceased relatives and friends a regular practice.


Regardless of the conflicting views on this topic, the following are the most commonly held theories on why toddlers and kids can see spirits, but you probably can’t.

1. Kids Brains Are Proportionately Larger Than Adult Brains

During their early years children’s brains are proportionately 135 percent larger than the average adult brain, they have more vivid imaginations and extended brain functions. They are able to shift from one brain wave state to another in a split second. In fact, from ages two to six, it is difficult for a child to distinguish between conceptions that are inner-based and those which are outer generated.

Toddler may see no difference between a TV character and that soul of his or her deceased grandmother. This makes it easy for them to establish conversation and relationships with them.

2. The Brainwave Connection

Toddlers and young children are ruled by their own perception of life for the most part. Their brains see and hear things that only they understand. They have the power to talk to their imaginary friends, enjoy the world through unfiltered eyes, and not be forced to believe one concept over another.

However, this all ends when the adults in their lives start telling them how to think and what to see. If a child is told that ghosts/spirits aren’t real, eventually they are going to let it all go. Author Michael Mendizza explains,”If children see a form or something that the adult doesn’t see, they quickly learn to screen that out or hide it, because that’s not normal in their parents’ environment. The ghost is not part of what the culture reflects.”

This explains why adults in the Eastern world are more likely to see and be able to communicate with spirits than those in the Western world.

3. Between the Ages of 11 and 14 Parts of the Mind Shut Down

According to Mendizza, the human brain begins to reorganize itself around age 11. Unless a human being makes every efforts to hold on to the neural connections that are psychic or that can see spirits/ghosts, they will be completely erased. The brain stops “seeing.”

In other words, the ability to see beyond this world (and our imagination) gets squashed.

It should be mentioned that it isn’t until recently that adults with the “seeing” capability have come forward to share their abilities. For example, the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, wows people everyday with her ability to communicate with spirits. Apparently, she was determined not to let that part of her being fade away.

What do you think? Are there such things as spirits? Has your child seen and talked to them? Have you? We’d love to hear your stories. Contact us with your story on our Facebook page.

British Columbia - Canada The Vancouver & Interior Paranormal Societies

~ Aimee


May 28th, 2017

I've had some people ask me if I'm a skeptic or a believer when it comes to the paranormal. Well, because the paranormal is more than just ghosts or spirits, I usually say I'm mostly a believer but there is also a side of me that's not sold on it. Since becoming a paranormal investigator last year I've seen and heard enough that would convince many people or at least get the most skeptical person's attention. We use many different pieces of equipment to varying degrees of effectiveness. Are these devices really giving us evidence or are they merely being affected by something explainable. That's where the investigation gets really fun. If any one of our devices is set off, we all go into another "mode" so to speak and look for logical explanations as to why that could be happening. It's when we can't explain it that I myself become just a little bit more of a believer. But, being expensive pieces of electronics, there will always be some doubt inside of me. I start to question if they are malfunctioning or if there is something causing the device to be set off. Maybe someone's cell phone was not set to airplane mode by accident (as that is standard procedure for us).  It's the times when something simple happens right in front of our own eyes or we hear with our own ears that really gets me  thinking. For example, I've heard disembodied voices on investigation without the aid of an electronic device. We all "tag" ourselves if we make any sound at all just to eliminate any chance that a voice heard wasn't one of us. Those are the moments that, as a paranormal investigator and enthusiast such as myself, really is validation. 

But, there's still a skeptical side to me too. I enjoy looking for logical reasons as to how and why we hear things or sometimes even see things. If we see a shadow, we start asking if there was a car driving by or someone walking past outside. Many times, that can and does happen. Maybe we just didn't see a car at the time? Can we recreate the shadow we saw? Not everything we experience is paranormal and even though we sometimes can't explain it, it still doesn't prove it was. 

So, in a nutshell, yes I'm a believer in the paranormal, but not 100%. And, until I'm standing face to face with a ghost, I doubt I'll ever be fully convinced. Until then, I'll keep on investigating! ~ Mike, VPS Director & Lead Investigator


May 21st, 2017

Have you ever experienced a "sign" from a dear departed family or friend? Here is my story. I was raised by my maternal grandparents. My grandmother always wore a beautiful gold chain with a crucifix. She never took it off, when she passed from this life to the Spirit world, it was still around her neck. Her wishes were, she wanted to leave the necklace to my daughter Ashley  (I already had one from my God Parents when I was baptized). Ashley decided the necklace was far...too big but beautiful for her to wear. I got the idea to make two bracelets from the chain and just put the crucifix into safe keeping. We love our bracelets, our connection to the most caring, beautiful woman our family was blessed with and so we wore our bracelets everyday. Fast forward to a trip Gord and I took our Grandsons on (Disneyland by truck & travel trailer, another story on another day of "haunted" Disneyland). On our way back, we stopped over night at an RV park (in Oregon). Chatting to a fellow camper the next site over, I got this over whelming feeling to look down to the ground. There it was, my bracelet. The clasp had broken and it had fallen from my wrist. To this day I truly believe that was my Grandmother giving me the message and/or sign to look down!!
I Thanked my Nanny, with tears in my eyes, having to explain to the fellow camper, the story of the necklace bracelet! ~ Karen, VPS Director & Lead Investigator


May 14th, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Like most working adults this day and age, there just never seems to be enough time. So here I am sitting at my desk finally getting around to listening to my audio. It’s not that I don’t want to, cause man, listening to audio is one of the coolest perks of being a paranormal investigator. It’s just one of the aspects people don’t usually think of when it comes to investigating. I imagine that people think we get to go to super creepy places where we’ve had all sorts of strange phenomena happenning and boom! We caught spirit voices. They totally miss the hours of audio that we have to sift through. 45 minutes of us asking questions in a room as cars drive by, maybe a tap is dripping, perhaps some loud people just walked by as one of us was asking a question. All this has to be filtered out. It’s why tagging sounds is so important. I’ve been listening to audio from an investigation and I think I’ve caught what is a stellar EVP clip, only to listen later and realize it’s someone’s stomach growling.  You’d be amazed at the amount of times I thought I heard something, and it’s a stomach being tagged a second later. Nevertheless you persevere through the audio in the hopes that you hear something you can’t explain, and when you do hear something, it makes the listening so much more worth it. Especially if you’re a stereotypical 20 something like myself and don’t like sitting at a desk in front of a computer without a dozen internet tabs open and music going on the background. I need to multitask.

~ Anastasia, VPS Lead Investigator


May 7th, 2017

Is there life after death for our pets? This is something I have often thought about. It is too hard for me to think there isn’t. I have three dogs that I love like family, especially since we do not have children. I know many people feel this way about their furry-friends. I have joked with my husband that when we go, we will have 30 dogs waiting for us in the afterlife as we will always have pets. Some traditional religious teachings state that only humans go to the afterlife as animals do not have souls. Personally, I don’t believe that to be true.

It appears the reason for many hauntings by human spirits is not always, but often, due to trauma. Although I can’t say for sure, of course, I assume a human’s ‘ghost’ is attached to places and people due to this pain. With our pets, I believe it may be more of an emotional connection with their owners, as most pets do not die in traumatic situations. In saying that, I wonder if it is more likely that the spirit of our pets follow us as we move around in life. Even though you raised your pets in one house, do they follow you to the next?  

A search on the internet brings up no shortage of stories where others have experienced an encounter with their pet after its death. Some people have reported experiences with their current pets exhibiting similar behaviors as a pet that has passed on. Others have had profound dreams of their pets which seemed too real to be just a dream. One particular story is one about a Dalmatian named Maggie. The owner’s youngest daughter wasn’t born yet when Maggie passed away. One day their 19-year-old daughter asked if they ever had a black and white dog, as she kept seeing a Dalmatian, walking around the house. I hope when the time comes for my dogs to pass on, they continue to show their presence to me.

~ Carla, VPS Lead Investigator


May 7th, 2017

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Sending out a BIG Happy Birthday to VPS Co-VP Aimee on this beautiful sunny Sunday! We hope you enjoy YOUR day!


May 3rd, 2017


For this weeks blog I want to share with you one of my reoccurring personal experiences. Last year I moved out of my grandparent’s home which was absolutely plagued with ongoing paranormal activity. Every person who lived in that home could easily write a book series on their own experiences. One of my ongoing experiences first started after my aunt died. I started noticing that my shoes were left in odd places. They would be in the middle of my bathroom, or in the middle of the hallway where I had just walked. My mom had this happen to her shoes as well in the home and we just laughed about it. 

Normally I would just write it off and come up with some logical explanation, but one night I walked around my bedroom getting ready for bed, and I locked by bedroom door before crawling in to get some shut eye. The next morning, I woke up to 5 pairs of shoes scattered around my bed, stacked on top of each other, if not shoved inside of each other. I was dumbfounded. I couldn’t do anything but start taking a few photos and making some phone calls to my Vancouver Paranormal Society investigator friends. 

I moved from that house shortly after taking these photos and I haven’t had another shoe incidence since I have moved….. Until three days ago. The best part about this new shoe incident is that I may have found an explanation. Maybe not one that is logical to everyone else, but a personal connection and a belief that gives me a sense of peace. 

When my aunt was passing away my mom and I kept holding her hand in the hospital saying we love you, always walk beside us. You are always apart of our lives. Well for the last week or so a memory of my aunt and I has been coming to mind at random times. One of us singing a terrible Dolly Parton together. I was getting ready for work a few days ago and was walking in the one tiny walkway area of my small bedroom heading to the kitchen. As I was making my work lunch again the memory of my aunt randomly returned. I smiled and went back to my bedroom to find a pair of tanned colored shoes stacked on top of each other in the middle of the room. I know they weren’t there. I would have tripped over them on the way to the kitchen. 

So something clicked inside of me. “What if it’s my Aunty Cher Bear leaving me a sign that she’s with me?”. These two shoe incidences happened about a year apart and they both happened days before my birthday. I had a bit of a cry and a laugh and I spoke to her. Please leave me one more sign with a pair of shoes if that’s you. I came home from work that afternoon to my green gym shoes stacked on top of each other. 

I haven’t had another shoe message since. But I have personally come to believe that when something so profound is put in your way you should always acknowledge it and not dismiss it. Perhaps it’s a loved one saying they have never left you. ~ Aimee, Co-Vice President VPS


April 23rd, 2017

This is my first blog although I have been with the team for 3 plus years. What I have to say must have deep meaning in order for me to submit to you all.

My name is Kelly “Claire” Berge and I am Co Vice President of the Vancouver Paranormal Society. My lifelong dream fulfilled. At a very early age I knew that there was more to us than our physical and social presence on this earth. In fact, I felt more connected to a part of myself that I could not explain rather than this physical and sometimes painful experience of life as a child. As an adult I still feel this way ...but life must push forward while we find our way through this 2 dimensional experience.

Today I found out that a family member had passed. It’s been about 12 years since I’ve seen my Great Aunt, my Grandmothers sister. The last time I saw my lovely Aunt was on my grandmother’s deathbed in hospice. Ironically it is 2 days passed the anniversary of my older brother’s tragic passing. Needless to say, I am sad and melancholy on this day.

This is the first time that I share with you all that the last time I saw my beloved brother was one week exactly to the day before he left this world. We had just gone for a walk with my father and my brothers dog...get this...”Spook”! Yes my brother’s dogs name was Spook! Perhaps another irony? Naw, his dog was pitch black so the name made least to him!!! At the end of this lovely walk in early spring in Fort Langley marveling at the lovely dusk evening and beautiful front doors of some of the area homes along our brother and I embraced as we always did and said our “I love you’s” I am so grateful for this however neither one of us knew that this would be the last. While embracing, I heard a very loud and clear male voice in my right ear (not my brothers or my father’s voice) stating in a factual and intense manner “This is the last time you will see your brother. He is going to die” Who was this that spoke so clearly in my ear and made me understand that this was how it was to be? Spirit or my brother’s soul preparing me for his impending journey...I can’t tell you ...I don’t know. I pushed away from my brother in utter distress as I knew this was real! My brother looked at me like I was crazy! I would never see my beloved brother again. One week later he had a fatal accident.

This event, hearing this voice and the knowing that it was true...validated my lifelong understanding that our existence on this earth plane is temporary but our existence does not stop there. I’ve had many very intense “paranormal” experiences that supported my belief in life after death. However, what about the paradigms ...last time seeing my aunt that passed away today....12 years ago on my Grandmothers (her sister’s) death bed. My aunt passing two days after the anniversary of my brother’s tragic passing? I believe that we carry on our relationships with loved ones here on this earth plane and in another dimension and sometimes maybe...we create avenues to show that we are still connected, perhaps by creating a connection that we can understand...paradigm’s.

While I investigate the paranormal as a passion, my true quest is to understand and make sense of who I am as a soul and to know that I will see the ones I love again and to know that they are with me here now while I live in my physical sense as well.

I want this for us all...humanity.

Peace, Love, Light

Kelly Claire Berge, Co-Vice President VPS


April 23rd, 2017

If there’s one thing the paranormal community has no shortage of, it’s self-proclaimed paranormal experts. Many have co written self-published books, t-shirts, television shows, convention appearances, gadgets, and promotional videos which becomes represented to a naive crowd of paranormal fans. 

Year after year thousands of people pay outrageous prices to fill the seats of convention halls and theaters, eager to listen to the latest and greatest players in the paranormal field.  Unfortunately, quite often, the information they receive contains little to no substance in terms of research quality. Statements such as “Spirits can attach themselves to an object” or “Some spirits don’t like their photos to be taken.” are presented as fact with the presenter offering little to no research to support the claim.

At one convention, several years ago a well-respected (and quite famous) demonologist/investigator was presenting their work. He went on to say that a woman had fallen into a deep depression and plainly stated “This malevolent spirit had attached itself to her and was slowly draining her energy, trying to take control”. When it was time for audience questions a question was asked. “I was wondering what research has been done to suggest that not only spirits exist, but that they can attach themselves to people and drain their energy?”  without missing a beat the presenter replied “There have been a lot of documented cases over the years showing this, but unfortunately the scientists don’t want to take the time to learn for themselves.” The audience member asked one last question. “How do you know that a spirit was causing that woman’s depression and not some other issue?” Unfortunately the reply was shocking, but not surprising. “We had already ruled out every other issue before coming to this conclusion. Psychologists gave her a clean bill of health… What else could it be?”  And there it was… the smoking gun response “I don’t know what it is so it must be a demon”.  How any psychologist worth his salt could give a woman with depression a clean bill of health is beyond me, but then I wasn’t there and there is no properly documented record of the case.

What was astounding was that the audience was undeterred, and after the questions dozens of people lined up to buy his books and have their photos taken with this legendary investigator who’s self-proclaimed expertise has misguided people for decades. It appears that many supporters of paranormal experts like the one mentioned find it easy to forgive a lack of scientific foundation in their claims. Anyone would think that those with expertise (self-proclaimed or otherwise) in an area of study that deals with so many unknowns would at the very least offer the presence of an open mind. Many people approach paranormal study from a decidedly spiritual perspective and tend to seek experiences more than a foundation of knowledge.

The research conducted at Loyola University in Chicago suggests that being an “expert” in anything can make you more closed-minded. The study found that people who perceive themselves to be experts tend to be less open to new ideas and alternative viewpoints. A character trait that does not sit well with a vocation in paranormal study or the scientific community.  ~ Aimee, Co-Vice President VPS


April 15th, 2017

Is there a connection between music and the paranormal? Our team has captured what we believe to be all different kinds of singing and chanting from various locations all over the lower mainland. Is that just one more way that we can communicate after we have passed over to the other side? Or, is it that those spirits were once singers in their past life and continue to do so as a residual energy?  During our EVP sessions, we usually ask the most common questions like “Can you please tell us your name?” or “Are you a man or a woman?” but maybe we should start asking the spirits to sing to us.

On a recent investigation I tried playing a song on my phone to see if I could get a response from it. The theory is that because music can trigger an emotional response to those that are living, why can’t the same be true for those that have passed on? Did we get a response directly from playing the music? After analyzing our evidence, it doesn't appear to have resulted in any EVPs, but that doesn't necessarily mean they weren't listening. 

What about all of those songs that musicians sing that have a connection to ghosts and spirits? A couple that come to mind are Johnny Cash’s "(Ghost Riders) In The Sky" or Jason Aldean’s "I Believe In Ghosts". Then, of course, there are the reported ghosts seen of musicians that have passed on like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and the aforementioned Johnny Cash. There is little doubt that music and the paranormal seem to have a connection.

The other day I also had a song pop into my head. While that of course is not anything unusual, it was a song that my deceased father used to sing every now and then. I had no reason to think of the song at all as I had not heard it anywhere nor have I even thought of it in a very long time. The song was Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho. Obviously not one you’re going to hear on the radio or in passing. Was that my Dad’s spirit trying to cheer me up? I’d like to think it was, because I was having a bad day and it made me laugh as I too started to sing it out loud.

Whatever the reason is for music and the paranormal having a connection to each other, I will continue to find it fascinating and use that approach in my ongoing research into the paranormal. ~ Mike, Director & Lead Investigator VPS


April 8th, 2017

To investigate  Paranormal (activity) there has to be death. It's not something that we like to think about but lately I have been thinking about my own mortality( no need to worry)!. What is death really like, what really happens on the "other side". There are so many stories out there of near death experiences. I am not scared of death (although I don't want it to be painful). I am more worried about my loved ones, I will one day leave behind. I don't want them to be sad although it's hard not to be. Whether death is sudden or expected there will always be shock and sadness. For anyone who has lost a close family member, friend or pet, time does heal that sadness(to make it more bearable), gone but never forgotten or are we really gone? Our bodies no longer exist but our Souls, where do we go? I'm not a religious person, so Heaven (or Hell) doesn't make sense to me, I am a Spiritual person. I do believe our soul continues on somewhere. It must because who else do we hear speaking on those class A EVP's? I have tried asking my curious questions on what it's like on the other side but not one Spirit has given me an answer. I have had names, and bits of various info saying "I'm here" ..once I had a female Spirit tell me "it's tea", when I asked if my husband wanted his bottle of water, while on investigation. I think its every Paranormal Investigator's dream to actually be able to sit down and have a really good chat with a person in Spirit form, to be able to answer the questions regarding what we have to look forward to once we cross over to the other side. When "my" physical life ends and I enter the Spirit world, have your Audio recorders handy because I plan on telling you all about it!!  ~ Karen 


April 3rd, 2017

This weekend I got to fulfill a paranormal dream. I’ve always loved old things; buildings, clothes, jewelry, and furniture. Pretty much, if it was made prior to 1950, I love it. The only exception being French Rococo, it’s too much Louis, it’s too much. So when I was given the opportunity to investigate in a historic location with my awesome teammates, how could I say no?! The things I love most about old buildings is that you can feel the history the moment you walk in, the energy the walls accumulate permeate the air and the phrase “If only walls could speak..” comes to mind. My goodness, if those walls could have spoken. The squeak of hardwood floors definitely helped set the mood of the night, accompanied by the creak of old doors with skeleton keyholes, antique furniture with original upholstery, and brass lamps. It felt like something out of period horror movie. You half expected to see the spirits of giggling children run down the hall, the figure of a matronly governess looming out the window. Now that I’m sitting in my modern home with all of the luxuries the people of our time are given, it makes me wonder, what is it about older, historic buildings that present the imagery of ghosts and spirits. What is it about the style that invokes images of slamming doors and unexplained noises? Is it because people in those days died in the home? That many historic buildings were built by the original families who lived in them, died in them, and passed them down the family. Is the idea of abuse and violence that may or may not have occurred in the house due to the cultural norms of the time on what was acceptable and what wasn’t? Whatever the reason, I think historic places are a beautiful memory of what once was and if it just so happens to have a spirit, you can bet VPS or IPS will be there, equipment ready and waiting. ~ Anastasia


March 26th, 2017

I have been with VPS since November 2016. I've found that my family and friends are very curious about this. Just the other day at my work, a co-worker who I hadn’t met before came up to me and said he heard a “rumor” about me. At first I was a little worried. I have only been working there for a couple months and the thought of a “rumor” had me a bit worried. My co-worker then said the rumor is that I am part of a paranormal investigating team. Wow! What a relief that’s all it was! Another co-worker was in the room and the three of us got talking about the paranormal and how where we work is known to have lots of activity. I always assumed that most people did not believe in the paranormal, but I have noticed the opposite. When people tell me a story about an experience they have had, I can really see it in their eyes and hear it in their voice that they have been impacted. This gets me even more excited about belonging to the VPS team. I feel like the more I learn, the more I can help people who have experiences—even just letting them know they are not alone and they are not crazy! This may not be the traditional volunteer work, but it's just as rewarding. ~ Carla


March 20th, 2017

So, I’ve been watching some paranormal sites (mainly in Britain) but there are some sites in the U.S. too that have revealed the names of two entities, mainly demons that go by the following names:

noun  Beel·ze·bub \bē-ˈel-zi-ˌbəb, ˈbēl-zi-, ˈbel-\

Definition of Beelzebub
1:  devil
2:  a fallen angel in Milton's Paradise Lost ranking next to Satan

In every reported encounter with the entity known as Zozo, there is a single common thread: darkness. To communicate with Zozo via a Ouija board is said to invite an unrelenting demonic force into your life.But what is Zozo, and why has it terrorized thousands of people around the world? This, I’m afraid, is not an easy question to answer.

The first reported appearance of this entity occurred in 1816, when a young girl in Picardy, France fell victim to a severe demonic possession (this according to the Dictionnaire Infernal, published in 1818 by Jacques Collin de Plancy). She became the vessel for a number of demons, one of which was our mysterious Zozo.

Later, when Ouija boards entered popular culture in the 20th Century, stories of Zozo began to rise, with numerous tales told of the Ouija spirit, the one who devours souls and changes lives.

Now I’m not a demon fanatic nor do I practice the dark forces however they do keep coming up on websites of Paranormal Investigators and/or Oiija Boards, both of which I’m glad we don’t encourage.

The interesting thing about these two demons is that they show up everywhere, meaning their names come up in the U.S. and Great Britain a lot. Can they be in two places at once? Do they travel through portals in the earth?

Because both are demons, are they classified as “Poltergeists”? or just “Demons”?


From Wikipedia,

Artist conception of poltergeist activity claimed by Therese Selles, a 15-year-old domestic servant of the Todescini family at Cheragas, Algeria. From the French magazine La Vie Mysterieuse in 1911.

In folklore and parapsychology, a Poltergeist (German for "noisy ghost") is a type of ghost or other supernatural entity which is responsible for physical disturbances, such as loud noises and objects being moved or destroyed. They are purportedly capable of pinching, biting, hitting, and tripping people. Most accounts of poltergeists describe the movement or levitation of objects such as furniture and cutlery, or noises such as knocking on doors.

They have traditionally been described as troublesome spirits who haunt a particular person instead of a specific location. Such alleged poltergeist manifestations have been reported in many cultures and countries including the United States, India‚ Japan, Brazil, Australia, and most European nations. Early accounts date back to the 1st century.

I have not, in my time as a Paranormal Investigator, ever encountered a “demonic” force, however that being said, but I believe they exist.

Do you believe? ~  Cherron


March 20th, 2017

I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about team work. VIPS is the Vancouver and the Interior Paranormal Societies. Most of the time, we stick to our respective regions and help those who need us. But, every once in a while we get to investigate in locations that are not in our own neck of the woods. Each of our teams consist of investigators that are committed, passionate and have a serious interest in the paranormal and in helping. Despite coming from all different walks of life and parts of the province, we come together and form a team that is second to none. We help, not only our clients, but each other. We are always learning and striving to be as educated as we can so that our clients can rest assured that we are doing the best we can to help. I can honestly and truly say that the VIPS team is one of the best I've ever had the privilege of being a part of. They are not only a team, they are family.
~ Mike


March 12th, 2017

Today when one thinks of weddings they don’t think of evil spirits. Weddings are happy celebrated events, but with the spring and summer wedding season soon upon us, I thought it may be fun to discuss some of the folklore revolving around warding off evil spirits to protect the union of the bride and groom.

One wedding tradition still observed today came about because of an ancient Roman belief. The Romans believed brides had to protect themselves from evil. They thought merriment attracted evil sprits, not to mention rejected grooms. So, a tradition began during this time to assure that the bride and groom were protected from demons so they could get through their vows unhindered. All the females in the wedding party dressed the same as the bride. This was to confuse anyone or anything with ill wishes. The veil was also historically meant to hide the identity of the bride until after the union had been sanctified.  The belief of demonic wedding crashers persisted well into the Victorian era when it finally petered out. At this point brides began to dress more elaborately than the bridesmaids. What lingers from this protective ritual is the fact that bridesmaids still dress in matching dresses- Most of them unflattering.


The groomsmen were traditionally present to protect the bride, to ensure that she made it safely to the wedding and to the groom’s home without being attacked and her dowry stolen.

Wedding Day Noise:

On the wedding day, loud noises were meant to scare off evil spirits, and so after the marriage of the couple, someone would ring the church bells, and tin cans were also put on car bumpers to rattle and clang as the car carried away the new bride and groom.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres:

The bride originally carried a bouquet filled with herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits and protect her as she walked down the aisle. They were thought to have magical powers. It was also traditional for the groom’s boutonniere to be filled with herbs and spices to protect him from evil. These spices carried special meanings. Some of them were for protection, while rosemary was for fidelity, sage represented wisdom, thyme would symbolize courage, and oregano was for happiness. This tradition eventually began to mean other things as different flowers and herbs were given different meanings. As society became less afraid of the interference of evil spirits on the wedding day, the bouquets and boutonnieres began to be filled with flowers. ~ Aimee 


March 5th, 2017

While I've always had an interest in the paranormal, I have also had an interest in history for as long as I can remember. As a kid I enjoyed going to museums and seeing things from "back in the day" and how life was lived in the past. Of course this remains true to now.  My first investigation as a paranormal investigator was at an incredibly historic location in Surrey, BC, The Stewart Farm House. Having lived in Surrey since 1986, getting the privilege to be investigating in this location with all it's history was a real treat. Naturally, wearing a Ghostbusters T-Shirt, and armed with nothing more than a flashlight, pen & paper, I went in with an open mind and curiosity. Part of me was excited to actually be going on a paranormal investigation as that was something I had only ever seen done on TV. Another part of me was enthralled with the history surrounding me. Wood-fired stove, antique furnishings, old photos and tapestries all around us. I'm surprised I took in anything that was said to me that night to be honest. But, it was "newbie" night and I wasn't the only one attending their first investigation. I was handed a digital recorder by Vancouver Paranormal Society Co-VP Aimee, and after a brief lesson on how to work it, we were off to start an EVP session. The rest was, as they say, history. ~ Mike 


March 1st, 2017

 I was in Scotland and I was staying with family friends who owned what I would call a small castle just about 15 minutes from Edinburgh Castle. My friend's Mom told me that their place had ghosts but they never scared them. Every night I would hear footsteps coming up the stairs and I thought it was my friend's mom. So letting my curiosity get the best of me, I went out of my bedroom and looked over at the stairway and there would be nothing there. So I made my way downstairs to find out who was up with me. Well immediately following my question, someone was in the kitchen making banging sounds, not loud as to wake anyone but I called out " Is there any one in the kitchen?"   I checked the kitchen but as I looked around I could not find anything that justified the banging I heard. I left the kitchen and made my way back to my bedroom. Moments later I could hear doors opening and closing  (whether it was coming from outside my bedroom). This time I wasn't going to see where these doors were located but they sure sounded like they were coming from all areas. So I closed my door and pulled the sheets over my head and prayed that whatever it was that was keeping me up to please STOP. I fell asleep and informed my friend's mom and she told me that they were introducing themselves to me. Well I think that was a beginning for me. And now I am a paranormal investigator who doesn't pull the sheets over her head. - Cherron


February 26th, 2017

Here I am, sitting at my computer (what else is new?!) As a team member of Vancouver Paranormal Society we are all required to submit a Blog entry on a calendar rotation. Upon hearing this, I thought “please don’t let me be first”. I never knew what a Blog was up until a year ago; another friend suggested I should start Blogging. Blogging? Is that some sort of new exercise? To embarrassed to ask the meaning, I looked it up. “Oh, that’s what it is”, and that is what this is. My very first Blog. Thanking Powers that Be it wasn’t a new exercise! Bare with me, my nickname with VPS is “Techless” although I am improving! Since starting with VPS late July 2016 my journey has been a most exciting adventure. I first connected with VPS about 4 years ago at one of their Public Reveals. Having an interest in the Paranormal for many years, I sat with ears and eyes wide open as the then VPS team revealed evidence of certain investigations and the equipment used, to the general knowledge of paranormal terms. (Another Blog topic, hey, I’m on a roll already!!) I fell in Love with the idea of becoming a Paranormal Investigator. The End. No really..I have so much more to “Blog” about. Mid 2016 VPS had an advertisement looking for new investigators. I applied and here I am. My first investigation was at the same Historic location as the public reveal 4 years prior. It was like coming home to Grandma’s House. I had come full circle. The day of the invest, I was so excited. I couldn’t relax. I pulled myself together and off I went to meet up with the team. I really had no idea what I was supposed to do (Thinking Ghost Hunter shows, I got this!). I had no equipment just a pen and paper. Our Lead give me an audio recorder to use (I looked at it and thought I don’t even know how to turn this thing on, I’m done!!) Luckily she turned it on for me before realizing my “tech dysfunction”! Phewww! The EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) session had begun. Many questions were asked. I couldn’t wait to listen to the audio of the (borrowed) recorder. All that night I lay awake, did I catch something, did Spirit speak to me, answer my questions? Unfortunately there was nothing for me to submit that very first Investigation. I wasn’t disappointed; I was excited to see my name on the calendar for the next invest. My love had blossomed. I was becoming a paranormal investigator. I’ll say goodbye for now, until my next Blog installment…I’ll keep you hanging. Like Spirit often does on Investigations !! - Karen


February 19th, 2017

It’s hard to believe that a week ago we were buried under so much snow. I feel I can speak for all of when I say I’m relieved to be able to leave the house! While Mother Nature had us all under house arrest I spent my days curled up on the couch with my cats. As I watched them run around my home I couldn’t help but wonder if they were just as stir-crazy being cooped up as I was, or if they can see things around them that I can’t. It’s been noted that animals appear to possess a sixth sense that enables them to sense certain things that humans can’t, especially when it comes to natural disasters and I believe that it applies to paranormal entities as well. As I watch my cats go from lying on the couch to suddenly sitting up and looking around as if someone had just walked into the room, or if something had just wafted by, I wonder if perhaps we’re not alone in my living room. As a child I knew about this sixth sense animals possess and used it as a reference whenever I felt scared at night. If my cat sleeping on my bed with me was sleeping soundly, then surely everything was fine and I had nothing to be scared of. For people who may feel that a paranormal entity may be in their home, I think it’s a good idea to watch your pets behavior. Has their behavior changed in any way? Are they less playful? Do they avoid certain parts of the house? If you don’t have any pets, consider inviting a friends animal over for a visit or volunteer to petsit for a relative and see how they react once the animal is comfortable in your space. – Anastasia 


February 7th, 2017

Hold onto your hats you guys! This year the Vancouver Paranormal Society is teaming up with several high profile historical location to hold public investigations & paranormal events throughout the spring, summer and fall of 2017. This is a year that our team nor the public has ever seen before. We are just getting the dates set up onto the calendar, finalizing details with each historic site, and getting all promotional ads ready. We will have full details for you very shortly on how you can participate. But as VPS Co Vice President & Case Manager Kelly (Claire) jokes we are creating paranormal dreams. So tell all your friends and family and keep checking our blog here, or join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more details. We look forward to seeing everyone out with us this year. It's going to be the most amazing year for both the VIPS team and also the public.  - Aimee (VPS Co Vice President)


February 5th, 2017

Do investigations stop in the snow?  Not unless it is particularly dangerous for the teams to get there and back safely.  The interior team braved the roads in the interior to get to the lower mainland for the AGM and an investigation, but sometimes we need to postpone and when that happens it gives us the chance to get stuck into reviewing evidence from each other.  A total team effort I may add.  It also gives us a chance to look into more cases and make calls to clients new, old and prospective.  This part I really enjoy as I love researching.  Right now team interior has their fingers in to a few ‘prospective’ pies and even though we may have to wait until the nasty white stuff leaves, we are getting ‘itchy’ to get stuck in.  During the long winter months it used to be common practice for people to get together during the dark nights and tell ghost stories... of course today we have movies and internet but many still tell tales of paranormal activity to send a chill, other than that of freezing temperatures, into the bones.   Feel free to get in touch and let us know if you have viable leads or contacts both in the lower mainland and interior – Kay.


February 4th, 2017

Hey everyone! Lead investigator/Director Mike here! One of our new ideas for this year will be blog entries from team members. We will each be sharing our own personal perspective on things and our experiences with you from investigations and anything else paranormal. We are all excited and looking forward to sharing our stories with everyone. Be sure to check here often for updates! 


January 25th 2017

WOW What an incredibly busy last few weeks this has been for the VPS team. We have had residential cases, with one of those being an emergency, and we had a full team investigation at a Lower Mainland historical site with our sister team the Interior Paranormal Society along with a lengthy  VIPS meeting discussing all the team changes over the year and where the teams are heading. There are so many exciting things coming not only our way but for the public as well. We are finalizing details and will soon be promoting many fun events for you all to join in.


January 13th, 2017

Another weekend of residential cases which we just absolutely love. We as a paranormal team and being apart of TAPS have the mission statement "We are here to help" and although we love working with businesses and historical organizations and do so often it is the residential cases that keep reminding us why we investigate to begin with. We love helping put peoples minds at ease and help them find a solution and or an answer and it's nice to be able to be able to give a client our undivided attention.


January 6, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Can you believe we are already into the year 2017? We VIPS team can't either. We have started off on a run with our first investigation in the little charming historic town of Fort Langley. If you haven't visited Fort Langley, the historical fort and the town surrounding it is quite enchanting. It's a great place for the family to visit the Fort, do some shopping, have some lunch and even have a walk down by the Fraser River.


December 30th, 2016

Just when we said we were winding down for the year we couldn't help but sneak in one more investigation for the year. When the clients need us we will always do what we can to accommodate.


DECEMBER 27, 2016

Do you have your coffee and bagel in hand? We have quite the blog for you today.

First of all the VIPS team would like to wish you and yours a very happy New Year and wish you all love, prosperity, health, and happiness for 2017 and are in hopes that you had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family.

We took a quick holiday break for Christmas but are ending the year on an investigation note. New investigations came in this week for the VPS team and we decided to help our clients out ending the year off doing what we love to do best.

2016 has been an incredibly busy and transforming year for the VIPS team. During 2015 it was pretty clear that the Lower Mainland VPS team was in need of new restructuring. The team internally needed more organization and new investigators, and with Peter just having moved to the interior to start the Interior Paranormal Society team the VPS team had to be run by someone locally in Vancouver. Lead investigators and directors Aimee and Kelly had the love and dedication for not only the VPS team and what it stands for, but for their amazing friend and team President Peter Renn. Loyalty spoke loudly as they quickly got to work picking apart the old society and making plans, rules and policies for the new team as well as creating a new future direction for the new VPS team.

As 2016 began Peter made Aimee and Kelly Co Vice Presidents for the Vancouver Paranormal Society and handed the society over to them to run as they pleased allowing them to put all their plans into action. Aimee, Kelly and Peter sadly had to say goodbye to all the old VPS members and start a new VPS team.

After long dedicated hours, Aimee, Kelly & Peter found brand new members for the VPS team who turned out to not only have a very professional manner, but they have the passion and dedication and respect for the team and society. Together the new VPS team took on two major projects over 2016, Camp Alexandra and Stewart Farm both situated five minutes from each other in Crescent beach.

VPS investigated both sites over the last year collecting evidence and personal experiences that they could share with the public at an evidence reveal. Both events were a sold out success and we were asked to continue at both locations and work with them further.

During 2016 not only were we able to work with two historical locations but VIPS was in conjunction with Warner Brothers helping to promote the movie Annabelle 2. We also did numerous radio interviews, helped countless residential and business clients, we went on a road trip up to 108 mile Ranch in the Cariboo, investigated Fort Worden in Washington State during a west coast TAPS gathering, and had our VPS Co Vice President Kelly Berge speak at Interesting Vancouver.  

We are now ending the year knowing that come January we need to put on our best running shoes. 2017 is going to be the busiest year that VPS may have ever seen. We have 5 historic sites after our services here in the Lower Mainland which we are going to pursue, more road trips into the interior where the IPS team has been approached by several historical locations and together we are going to make 2017 the best year to date. VPS already has investigations on the schedule up until the end of February so we are off to an amazing start.

Just know that 2017 is not only going to be a fun year for the VPS team, this is going to be a fantastic year for the public. You all are going to get a chance to investigate with us at several locations. We are just getting those events set up now and we will be able to announce all the details to you soon. If you have a passion for the paranormal and want to try your hand at investigating this will be your chance. If your dream is to be an investigator, this is a great chance to meet the team and see how you too could become a VIPS investigator.


DECEMBER 22, 2016

As we go into the final days before Christmas, VIPS would like to wish you and all your family a very merry, safe and healthy Christmas. May you be blessed with all that is good, and all that warms your heart.


DECEMBER 16, 2016

LORDY LORDY LOOK WHO'S 40???? A BIG Happy Birthday shout out goes to our really great friend Mike, lead investigator and director for the Lower Mainland team. Have a very memorable birthday Dude!

DECEMBER 4, 2016

Well we had one of our last investigations over the weekend for the year. Both VIPS teams are starting to wind down now for the rest of the year. Both the VPS & IPS teams have been so incredibly busy with numerous investigations weekly that a break is more than needed. 2017 is looking to be an even busier year, actually one of the busiest that VIPS has probably ever seen. We have made so many connections over the last year that we could be busy for the next 2 years without question. BIIIIG things are heading our way, and before it all goes down December is about getting that much needed rest before we start that 2017 sprint.


NOVEMBER 27, 2016

What a fantastic weekend. The Interior team braved a snow storm to come down and join the lower mainland team at a cool historical site in the Fraser Valley. Although we try and be as professional as we can be, sometimes you just have to make a little fun on investigations. Having got permission from the client, the Lower Mainland team decided to get a creepy costume and hide in the dark waiting for Mr. VIPS President Peter Renn as he rounded the corner after a session. The video and audio from that is definitely not kid friendly and the laughter of it just never gets old.

Not only did the team plan that event well, but Co Vice President Aimee who was dressed in costume standing alone waiting for Peter to arrive had a disembodied voice right in her ear saying "Hello there" and it just so happened to be caught on audio. Was that a spirit trying to scare Aimee? Perhaps but it was exciting more than scary.


NOVEMBER 17, 2016



Today is the birthday of the Lower Mainland's lead investigator Gord. Happy birthday buddy!


NOVEMBER 13, 2016

Watching Kelly Berge, Co Vice President for the Lower Mainland speak at Interesting Vancouver on her paranormal story was an amazing treat. Her speech was filmed and you can view it here.

NOVEMBER 10, 2016

The best of luck to Kelly (Claire) Berge, Co Vice President of the Lower Mainland team. She is speaking tonight at Interesting Vancouver telling her unique story of being a single mom and paranormal investigator for the Vancouver Paranormal Society. Kelly wanted to challenge herself and her confidence in public speaking, and decided to take on a personal 10 minute presentation in front of hundreds of people. This is a massive accomplishment and the VIPS team couldn't be more proud of her.


NOVEMBER 8th, 2016

Well we had a very interesting investigation this past weekend. We made an encounter with Prince Fuentes, well a ghost wannabe Prince Fuentes which followed up with an evp of "Give her privacy your majesty" as one of our investigators was using the toilet. This gave us a really good chuckle.


OCTOBER 31st, 2016

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of our VIPS followers. May your night be spooky in the best way possible. Fun, safe and dry for all your parties and for all the little ones trick or treating.


OCTOBER 30th, 2016

Who doesn't love hotdogs, and ghost stories around the camp fire? The Lower Mainland team has been investigating Camp Alexandra for a year now, and tonight ended the year long investigation with an evidence reveal of audio and visuals. The public then joined the VIPS team around an outdoor camp fire to tell ghost stories. The weather Gods showed mercy and kept the evening event sunny and dry until the very end. The guest turnout was fabulous, and everyone had the most amazing time participating in all the activities, asking questions and even sharing ghost stories of their very own.

The VIPS team would like to thank all the guests who attended, and all of the employees of Camp Alexandra, and the Surrey Historical society for making this event possible. We look forward to collaborating with you further in the future.


OCTOBER 25, 2016

The Interior Paranormal Society had quite the weekend. They had meetings to lock down a brand new ongoing investigation location and then headed for an investigation at a beautiful historical home. Although we can't disclose the location of the historic home at this point, next Halloween there will be a public event with the VIPS team that you will be invited to, but more details will be provided to you as time goes by.  We are always thinking ahead.


OCTOBER 22, 2016

Who needs Fright Night at Playland when you can just go on a ghostly investigation? This seems like a classic haunted location to us LOL! We lower mainland team were joined by our friends at Ghostly Vancouver Tours. What a great night, and look forward to having you out again.


OCTOBER 16, 2016

Just a reminder of our upcoming public event on Oct 30th, two weeks from today from 4-7pm at Camp Alexandra. This is going to be a spooktacular event that you don't want to miss. Ticket's will not be sold at the door. Please contact the Alexhouse for tickets.


OCTOBER 14, 2016

An evening at the Historic Stewart Farm was a sold out ticket SUCCESS!!! Thank you to everyone who came out to join our Lower Mainland VIPS team for an evidence reveal, and to tour this fantastic location. We met some new clients, had several show interest in joining our VIPS Team, and we got to share some really fantastic ghost stories with the public. This was our 4th years working with Stewart Farm, and we are looking forward to potential future collaborations. A big thank you also goes out to Stewart Farm for warmly welcoming VPS back to the farm. Stewart Farm has become to feel like home to us, and all the staff are just amazing people. We look forward to visiting you guys again soon.


OCTOBER 10, 2016

Just a friendly reminder that in 3 MORE DAYS on Thursday Oct. 13th you get to join the VIPS Lower Mainland team, The Vancouver Paranormal Society for an evening of Spooktacular fun at Stewart Farm in Crescent Beach. You will get to see a team presentation, review the paranormal evidence VIPS captured at Stewart Farm and other local places, and you will learn what it's like to be a paranormal investigator, and possibly find out how you could join the VIPS team. Space is limited, tickets always sell out, and there are only two spots available. Get them before they are gone.


OCTOBER 9, 2016

HAPPY TURKEY DAY to all of our Canadian followers, friends, and family. We hope you are thankfully enjoying your delicious Thanksgiving dinners, and even more so the amazing company that goes along with it.


OCTOBER 2, 2016

VIPS is off and running.... No slowing down now. Put the largest and busiest paranormal team in all of BC in the middle of Halloween and the schedule becomes a madhouse. VIPS now has investigations right into January, and we also have some ongoing projects lined up for next year as well. Those will include the public who will be joining us on some investigations. We are very excited about this but as soon as we iron out all the details you will know.


SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

Losing a loved one may it be a spouse, child, relative, parent, sibling or even a friend, can be one of the most emotionally painful times of your life. But this weekend was a very special one for the lower mainland team as they were reuniting two best friends. One in spirit form, and the other in the physical. It was a touching, and very emotional night but one that won't be forgotten any time soon.

Up in the interior the Interior Paranormal team did an investigation at an old historical home where they were catching some EVPs surrounding two dolls that were dressed in bride and groom outfits. What were those EVPS? Well although we can't share that evidence, there were laughs about them saying "How dare you wear white at our wedding" or "Peter Renn is my dream man".



SEPTEMBER 25, 2016

Although we are going into our busiest season of the year being Halloween, we will never turn down a client who needs assistance. We had two emergency investigations come in this week who had to be penciled in immediately. It doesn't matter how busy we are, our clients are always our number one priority, and we will try and do our very best to accommodate them as best as we can. We do understand that it is extremely difficult to reach out for assistance to document potential paranormal activity. So we will always do our best to come in and help put your mind at rest or to help you document what you may already know.


SEPTEMBER 19, 2016

As with anyone in our lives...this news drives home a feeling of sadness no matter who it is that is passed. We have empathy for the  family and friends, we send our condolences and heartfelt prayers for the family and we reflect on our memories of the individual we may or may not have known well.

As a part of the Vancouver Interior Paranormal Society, I hold specific roles and in of my roles is to make secondary contact with clients that contact us or have been contacted initially by one of our members in order to take details of activity and set up the investigation moving forward.  
In this case, one of our newest members Jim Kolisnyk brought forward a beautiful and historic location... Historic 108 House that he has had the privilege to investigate previously. He had made contact and relationships with the caretaker Ken Long. Jim brought to VIPS attention this lovely site and Ken. Jim says "Kelly, can you please set this is Ken's contact info". Well, of course I fulfilled my part of the initial investigation process. Little did I know that I would be making contact with a sweet, very kindhearted, quick witted and gentle sole that would touch my heart!

So, we shared emails back and forth, Ken and I did....both of us having passion into the paranormal and in the 108 House location itself. Ken loved this place and loved using the borrowed tools of the paranormal trade that Jim had lent to him to gather environmental data until we could get out there! Ken was hooked! Was he hooked to the paranormal possibilities ...perhaps. I would like to think, after getting to know him, that Ken really liked being apart of something wonderful and magical while making friends. You see, Ken was (and is) a lovely soul. How do I know? Well from our emails back and forth of course!!! Ken would email me in order to get the details ironed out for the investigation, right? Of course...that is part of the process! BUT...Ken and I also had phone conversations! We are now friends. You see..Ken was a lovely character and one that I enjoyed speaking with either via email when he simply wanted to say " Hi Kelly, how are things? We haven't spoken in awhile!" .. or via phone with the ruse (either by me or him) of discussing details of the investigation, don'tcha know! But was about a friendship developing. Ken was an older man just wanting to make connections with others that he relates to. In fact, Jim and myself  both fell in love with this wonderful and colorful soul.

Just a, a dear if only for a short time...friend

- Kelly Claire Berge


September 16th, 2016

Come and join our VIPS team at Stewart Farm in Surrey on Oct. 13th, 2016 between 6:30pm - 8:30pm for a paranormal evidence reveal, as well as to tour this wonderful hidden gem of a Victorian farm house, barn, and grounds by the water with orchards, gardens and a marina. This is our team's 4th year working with this wonderful historical farm to investigate and present our findings to the general public and tickets always sell out. This event is for people 16 + years of age, and tickets are now on sale. Space is limited. You can register your spot at Tickets are $15pp .


September 9th, 2016

BUY YOUR TICKETS & MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!! This is going to be one heck of an event. Come join our VIPS team for a spooktacular night at Camp Alexandra in Crescent Beach. All proceeds from this event are going to the Alexandra House to help with their community programs.


September 4th, 2016

Over the weekend our buddies from Northern Paranormal invited both the Lower Mainland and Interior VIPS team to join them at one of their favorite haunts within the Interior. We had to cover such a vast location that it was a great idea there were so many team members. Now each one of us members have a ton of evidence to go over. With fingers crossed we may catch something spectacular.

Although many members of both VIPS teams attended the NPI interior investigation, some VIPS members didn't attend as they were either in the UK searching for the ghosts of Henry VIII and his six wives, or at home organizing future upcoming public VIPS events. Two of which we will be announcing to you VERY SOON!!! Hold onto your K2s.


August 29, 2016

YAWN!!!!! Is it bedtime yet? What an exhausting action packed last few days it's been. Both the Lower Mainland & Interior VIPS teams took a road trip to Fort Worden in Washington State to Investigate a wonderful historical military base with other west coast TAPS teams. We have to thank our team president Peter Renn for hosing this wonderful event. It was so much fun seeing old friends, and meeting brand new ones. We stayed in the barracks in old metal spring beds, had BBQ's, toured the amazing state park and the local town of Port Townsend. The nightly investigations went late followed up by 1:00am hikes, armed with nothing but a cameras, recorders and flashlights up to the old batteries and surrounding wooded areas. At the batteries we made our way up this one ramp to a field, in which we believe could be the field area where they filmed the girl climbing out of the well in The Ring movie as that scene was shot at the fort. Talk about creepy when the coyotes were howling.


August 21, 2016

Both VIPS teams in the interior and in the Lower Mainland are  BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY & BUSY!!!! Not only have we been working on some very important emergency investigations, but we have also begun 3 weeks of road trips. Over the weekend the Interior team had a cool case at a historical location in South Central British Columbia, and some of the Lower Mainland team members took the time to drive out to join them. Next weekend members of both VIPS teams are going to be cranking the car stereos and road tripping to Fort Worden in Port Townsend Washington for a west coast TAPS gathering and investigation. We are looking so forward to seeing old friends from other TAPS teams once again, and making brand new friends as well. The week after Fort Worden both VIPS teams are once again hitting the road, joined by our good friends from Northern Paranormal and heading to Kamloops. Not only are we hoping to raid our president Peter Renn's swimming pool and take over his BBQ, but we all get to investigate a wonderful historical site together. Although we are busy, we are definitely making the best of what we have left of the summer. 


August 16, 2016